Saturday, December 02, 2006


Pray for me. Last night after putting up the Christmas decorations I was quite melancholy. I cried. I am not comfortable to list what I was actually feeling. As I really am trying to figure that out myself.

Yesterday during the day was a good time with sledding and laughter. Carter & Cole were out by 7:22 am. NO JOKE! They were thrilled. Carter said "Mom, this is like a winter wonderland." Cole was so kind. He pulled Stuart on the long orange sled around the house and down a hill. I was able to take a 3+ hour nap while Stuart took his. The snow wore me out.

Today is the day to cut down the Christmas tree as a family. Yes, we will be trecking in the white cold snow, wind & ice. Brrrrrrr!



Anonymous said...

Praying God's blessings, comfort, love and joy for you today.
Kelly Perkins

Anonymous said...

Dear Kate,
I can only try to imagine the range of emotions you are experiencing, but I am not surprised by your melancholy. So glad you had a fun day yesterday, and have special things to enjoy today with your boys.
Thanks for your honesty--I'm always glad to know how to pray specifically, and I will be praying today that you feel joy in the midst of all you are going through.
Love, Tiffani Gibbs

Anonymous said...


Praying that you will have peace today, and a joyful (if cold!) experience cutting down the Christmas tree.

God bless you,
Erika Byars

Anonymous said...


What you are experiencing is a completely normal reaction to a totally abnormal situation. Feeling melancholy (and any combination of grief, fear, anger, sadness, loneliness, frustration, resentment, and disbelief) is a critical part of the process. These emotions will come and go.

Allow yourself to grieve, and don't allow yourself to believe that you're any less of a godly woman for feeling human. This too shall pass. You WILL get through it.

Hold fast to your faith, and know that God will not give you more than you can handle. It is clear that God's hand is in every aspect of this trial. Trust Him.

You have hundreds, if not thousands, praying for you daily.

You are deeply loved!