Thursday, November 30, 2006

Who Am I?

Who am I?........I am a child of the King.

I have been reminded of the above phrase more that once this week:

1. getting an appointment with Dr. Yung in 6 days instead of the normal 3 weeks

2. obtaining discounts on airfare and car rental, especially on such short notice

3. receiving a free hotel room for the trip

4. two monetary gifts given to us TODAY that will cover the cost of airfare and car rental for the trip to Houston

Aside from meals, our trip to Houston is totally paid for. It's great to see how God works through the hearts, hands, and pocketbooks of people. We are so truly blessed!

"And my God will meet all of your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus" Phillipians 4:19

Kate (with Dave typing)


Gram said...

Well it is one a.m. and I am wide awake looking out Kate and Dave's kitchen window on the winter ice storm scene. How quiet and lovely.
I was thinking about the first time Kate brought Dave home to the farm to meet the family. It was after a snow storm. They and Jeannie (known by bloggers everywhere as Aunt Dee Dee) and brother Calvin spent several hours sleigh riding down our hills. We have very big hills in Labadie. I think I fixed pasta of some sort and the regular hot chocolate. The wood stove crackled in the living room of the old farm house and there was lots of fun and laughter and also some serious talk. I was able to get to know Dave a little. I knew Kate was smitten by this fellow and of course I was curious about this young man.
No parent can look into the future and know how their grown children's spouses will react to such serious news as brain tumor and cancer. Parents only hope that as the hard times comes they will be able to walk through the process loving one another and holding on with a deep faith in the Savior.
In early November I was thrown into Dave and Kate's world. I have watched this husband and father plant his feet firmly in his faith and love for his wife. He does his Indiana family proud. I cannot begin to imagine Kate going through this trail without Dave.
Little did I know that winter night over 10 years ago that they would be facing the challenge of their lives at a future date. I was reminded of this last night as their boys laughed and drank hot chocolate after sliding down the little hill in the back yard. Their daddy shared some boyhood memories from Indiana winters. I noticed that children have not changed. They were delighted to hear about the things their dad did as a boy. I sit at the kitchen table enjoying their excitment of listening to stories of the big blizzard of 1977 (Dave thinks that's the year). He was brought home from school in a 4x4 pickup of a neighbor with visibility near to nothing. Carter hung on every word his dad said.
It is inevitable that each generation will have their share of heartache and trails.
"From the end of the earth will I cry unto thee, when my heart is overwhelmed: lead me to the rock that is higher than I." Psalm 61:2
Gram signing off from the winter's first icy blast.

Jennifer Schulte said...

I just read your blog and then Gram's comment...I was brought to tears by her story. God bless all of you....I cannot imagine how heavily this must all weigh on Gram's heart as well!! You are all such a very special family. I don't know you very well...just a neighborly friendship, but my heart and soul have been truly changed because of your blog site and the daily writings. This is a very therapeutic tool for all...and way too addicting. Kate and Dave...I am so glad that we got this snow before you left, and before you, Kate, start is sooo much fun to watch children enjoying the snowfall and playing in it brings out the child in all of us!! Thoughts and prayers to all of you!!! jen

Anonymous said...

Kate and Dave,
I don't know you two at all but I do know some of what you are going through. I have an 18 year old son who has a brain tumor also, a germinoma tumor that is malignant and has spread into his spinal column. With that said, your story is very close to ours. The people that come to help, pray, and provide all sorts of things for your family is unbeliebalbe. We too will be going to MD Anderson. Our trip is scheduled for January for radiation treatment. My son, Chase, is undergoing aggressive chemotherapy now. He had to drop out of college right after his brain surgery and is now bored and missing his college life. We keep telling him that this is just a bump in the road and that the Lord is faithful and will take care of him just as he will you and your family. Faith is a wonderful thing. My son also has a blog if you would ever like to look at it. You can go to chasejnews.blogspot and see his story. But I really wanted do let you know that your story has now reached Greensboro NC and you have many more people praying for you and your travels next week to Houston and the weeks after that. I would love to hear what it is like if you could email me sometime.
You are in our thoughts and prayers!
Judith and Chase

Anonymous said...

Dear Kate and Dave,
Okay, I don't want to seem desperate, but I have checked your blog several times throughout the day today for ANY sort of news--update on your trip... sledding with the boys...WHATEVER, and this blogaholic is suffering from a bit of withdrawal! I realize this blog does not exist to meet my needs, however my need would not exist if it were not for this blog!

Really, I'm mostly joking. I do know that you have more important things to do than sit in front of your computer. I'm hoping you have had a fabulous day playing together as a family and that tomorrow is wonderful as you go to chop down your tree.
Still praying and thinking of you.
Tiffani Gibbs