Monday, November 27, 2006

Waiting on Tracking Number

A phone call was made to MD Anderson this morning. My contact person, Candie, was still waiting for the tracking number for the slides. It seems that I forgot to tell her that the slides are actually at Barnes not at St. John's. Oopps! (I guess I can say my mind is not what it used to be. Ha ha ha!) I made a phone call to Barnes and spoke to the head supervisor, Melinda, & asked how to send my pathology slides QUICKLY to Houston. She stated the best way to go about it is to write a letter and fax it to her tomorrow morning (Tuesday). She was very kind and understood the urgency.

Please pray the faxed letter is read quickly and that the slides are sent by express mail this Tuesday by noon. The sooner Candie has a tracking number on the slides, the quicker we can start the process in seeing a neuro-oncologist specialist. We don't want to delay the treatment process here in St. Louis. Although we would like to hear another opinion on the situation prior to starting the treatment. Dr. Linette of Barnes wants us to start treatment in 1 1/2 weeks. As stated previously, the treatments will consist of 6 full weeks of oral chemo and radiation.

With the many phone calls made today, I was able to schedule a consultation with Dr. Simpson the radiologist oncologist at Barnes - Jewish Hospital / Washington University. It is set for early December. He is world renowned. People travel across the midwest to have him oversee their radiation treatment. It was a relief to know he is in our healthcare plan. A few days ago we were unsure if he was under our insurance plan. That would have been quite costly to say the least.

Many things are lining up with doctors. The phone has been used quite frequently - ringing often - I made 15 calls today alone. whoa!. The answering machine is really being put to work.

Thanks for taking this long journey with us. - - - - - - - kate


Anonymous said...


I couldn't help but giggle as I read your latest blog -- it cracks me up that you are still thinking of the practical aspects, like how much Dr. Simpson would cost! I think you are officially allowed to splurge!

We will be praying for the tracking number and some speedy results. I think you should outfit yourself with a variety of hats and scarves for December...including a Santa hat!

Praying, praying, praying!

The Byars

Isaac Joback said...

Dear Kate:
That was from Isaac. I asked him what he said to you. He replied, "Jesus" and "Hi, Kate." So if you can get THAT from the above mumbo-jumbo, your brain is working just fine. Big smile!
Isaac Joback

Laura Joback said...

Kate: (my turn now)...I was thinking about what, so far, your ordeal has taught me. You and Dave somehow seem to be in the "ministering mode," a role you probably didn't count on taking. What a blessing you are to those who read these (many [many]) pages! What a wonderous thing, huh? OK: so here's what was going through my head. I was standing at the changing table just after Isaac's blog. He's suffering from a disasterous diaper rash, and I'm (brace yourself, readers) patiently slathering on layer after layer of ointment and using a hairdryer (set on "cold shot") on his hiney in between each aforestated slathering and trying to breathe through my mouth. (Sigh.) "The joys of motherhood." Wipe away the poop...blow dry the hiney...layer of miconazole cream (yes, yeast infection creams aren't just for ladies)...blow dry the hiney...layer of zinc oxide 40% (the good stuff)...blow dry the hiney...and (finally) EVER so carefully place the diaper over the hiney trying not to wipe away the work of ointment art just created. Then it hit me: this IS a joy, (motherhood, that is!) I need to treasure each and every moment with the boys, even those that are most malodorous and odiferous. Since, as so many bloggers have iterated, God numbers our days, we need to live each day with eyes wide open, taking in the gifts given, the precious babies provided, the godly husbands bestowed on us...treasuring each moment. So thanks for the example, my dear! I must bolt. The poopie diaper got caught in its Target bag in the laundry chute on its way to never-never land in the basement. I must go chase it out with the broom handle. The wafts are about making me faint. Love ya! Laura

Anonymous said...

Dear Kate,
Thanks for providing specific details we can pray for. I am praying about each one and that everything falls into place easier and quicker than you even expect. Praise God about Dr. Simpson!
Have a great night!
Tiffani Gibbs
PS- I totally agree with your decision about not telling the boys. I'm also praying that God will protect them from overhearing info they don't need.

Basketball Gram said...

Gram checking in after Thanksgiving. I would like everyone to know that very early on Turkey day I did indeed see a flock of Canadian geese over the farm. They were in their usual V formation. I like to think that means V for Victory. This paticular group was not sure they should take time to stop in the valley and so they circled and moved on toward the south. A little like Kate and Dave getting ready to fly to Houston. Not much time to wait since doctors want to start treatment.
I know of course that no one else cares, but I knew that God wanted me to see the victory formation on Thanksgiving day. So I sipped my coffee alone outside and just enjoyed the quiet of the farm while catching a glimpse of the southward bound Canadian geese. I was happy.
Now to a more urgent matter: Soccer Gram has been requested to attend basketball games this winter by Carter. I was just getting used to soccer. But the truth be told I like basketball much better. I am actually a fair weather sports fan. With this admission then I can say I like the warmth of a gym over the cold of a soccer field.
Yes Carter I will be delighted to attend your basketball games this year. It takes me back to Kate's seventh grade girls basketball team at Westminster Christian Academy. They played a very good team at Valley Park that year. Our girls played their hearts out and won by one point. It was a cliff hanger. Carter, I hope you have a game just like it. Make Gram proud.
My favorite pass time in the cul-de-sac is watching neighbors decorate for Christmas. I have moved into that phase of life where less is more. The more you put out on the lawn, the more you have to take down in cold January weather. So it is most enjoyable to watch everyone else decorate and I can benefit without the work. On the farm I just go out and saw down a cedar tree and bring it into the farm house. The cedar smell fills the house and you know it is Christmas. The boys and I may just have to bring a big cedar tree from the farm and educate these city folks.
Basketball Gram signing off and thinking of figgy pudding.(without the refined sugar of course)