Thursday, November 09, 2006

Sharing the Load

I'm sitting outside of St. John's enjoying this beautiful day that God has ordained (I think just for me). I'm taking a short break from Kate to gather my thoughts and have a nice cup of coffee.

The Lord has been using the encouraging comments, emails, and Scripture verses you all have sent to encourage and comfort me. They are very precious.

This morning has been a difficult one for me. I hate to see my wife going through this and only wish that it were me.

God has reminded me not to fear and to completely lean on Him for my strength and the outcome, whatever it may be. His ways and purposes are higher than mine and promises never to leave me or forsake me.

I am sad; not fearful, not angry, just sad for wife who is my soul mate, my best friend, my partner, my lover, my better half.

As I am sitting here in tears, my God has whispered in my ear that He understands my pain because it was hard for him to see His own Son suffer, but it happened for a greater purpose, for the ones He loves.

Please pray that God would continue to sustain me (and Kate).



Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,

I am very sorry to hear of Kate's condition and I am encouraged to read of yours and Kate's strength as you ride these waves. Barbara Bosch told us Tuesday night at home group. I'm praying for you. Kimberly and I are looking for ways we can turn our concerns into actions, but for now, we pray.

God Bless you, Dave. You and Kate are good friends. XX (Two holy kisses for you. :))

John Werner

Anonymous said...

Dear Dave,

I wish I could be with you. I know what you are feeling. And I am one of the few who can unfortunately make that claim. My tears are joining yours. Our tears are those of love for our spouses. They will allow you to keep the strength you will need in the coming months. Since my husband, Dirk, was diagnosed in February I have met some wonderful people who are also going through this. In each instance the spouse feels the same as we do about our spouses. Maybe God planned for you to be with Kate and me to be with Dirk because he knew that they would need a strong partner to go through this with them.

I will continue to pray. And as I said in my entry, yesterday, it may be a good thing that the pathology report isn't back yet. For a positive path report of a grade 2 tumor it can take up to a week. Again the longer the report takes the less aggressive the cancer. God Bless your family. Please tell Grandma to hang in there with the children. My mother took care of our children during the week we were in California. We are very blessed to have our parents around.

Betsy DeYong

aj said...

Hi Kate,
me again... I forgot to tell you what happened this rushed morning. On school day mornings Melissa and I really have to prod Joey to make preparations for the day (i.e. eat, get dressed etc. etc.). Today was no different only it was my turn to supervise as Melissa left for work and as I am off today. Sometimes its hard not to be frustrated when Joey doesnt appear to be getting ready. This morning it seemed as though Joey was dragging his feet getting his shoes on as I was out of the shower and getting ready myself. I politely but firmly told Joey in the next room he needed to hurry up. He very promptly told me I was "interupting". Puzzled to hear such a long word from an almost six year old I asked what I was interupting. I then looked over to see him in folded hands on the living room floor. He responded to tell me he was praying for you. Needless to say I was really moved to see this.


Jennifer said...

Dave and Kate,

Here is part of a prayer from the Puritans in The Valley of Vision:
O Lord of Grace,
The world is before me this day and I am weak and fearful, but I look to thee for strength; If I venture forth alone I stumble and fall, but on the beloved's arms I am firm as the eternal hills; If left to the treachery of my heart I shall shame thy name, but if enlightened, guided, upheld by thy Spirit, I shall bring thee glory. Be thou my arm to support, my strenth to stand, my light to see, my feet to run, my shield to protect, my sword to repel, my sun to warm.

We're with you on this warm, sunny day! Jennifer & Bill Hughes

aj said...

feel free to let me know if there is anything I can sneak into the hospital for you (ie chocolate, white castle burgers etc). Nobody has to know and I'll keep it quiet. :) ....

noel and nicole hauser said...

I am in awe of the incredible ways God has already used your situation as a witness to others of what it really means to walk with the Lord. What a powerful testimony you both are! God bless you!

Anonymous said...

Kate & Dave,

You and your family continue to be in our thoughts and prayers -- and you will stay there in our hearts throughout your journey. God Bless you as you face the days ahead.

On a much lighter note, may I say Kate that the carpool line at Covenant just isn't the same without you--I miss your smile and chatting with you!!

In God and with love,

Alex Bissell

Anonymous said...

Dear Kate and family,

I am a good friend of Sara Lucas in Louisville. She emailed me a week ago to ask me to pray, not only to pray for you Kate and the family but for Sara and how she could minister to you now. What a blessing to know there are people surrounding you now who will be the hands and the feet of our Lord Jesus.

Kate, Sara told me you prayed for me in the night while nursing your youngest son. You may remember hearing about Pat and I losing our daughter Quinn two Christmas's ago. While this is different entirely, let me encourage you and Dave today, that faith MUST be tested, and that God has given you this test so that you will pass...and you will! As I studied this past week in Romans 5, I pray that you will by the power and ministry of the Holy Spirit "feel" God's great love for you now in your hearts. Know that there is prayer in Louisville, KY being offered for you now.

Michelle Dunn

Sheri Stevenson said...

Hi Dave,

What irony -- you wish it were you, but if the situation was reversed, she would be wishing it was her. Though you would take her pain away if you could, it might actually be harder for her to watch you go through it. (And both of you can be grateful that it wasn't one of your children instead! I know that would put me over the edge.)

The reality is that we never know what it would be like if the situation was different. It's wonderful and comfortable to know that God is in control.

This blog was a wonderful idea! I'm glad it has been comforting to you, because it has been of great value to us. Hearing the progress that Kate is making is so encouraging and uplifting, but I would never call and bother anyone in the middle of this to find out. This has been a priceless source of information and inspiration.

Please know that our hearts ache for the two of you, as yours does for your wife. Just remember, you will get through this and put it behind you, and be forever changed in a way that only God can understand.

Gery Kotthoff said...

Hi Dave and Kate,

Linda and I found out about your situation the day prior to your surgery. We immediately began to pray for you and the boys. Linda and I also called Jonathan and Timothy, our two sons to whom you ministered in youth group. They joined us in the prayer effort.

We are praising the LORD for the successful surgery and your encouraging progress during the post surgery recovery.

We will join with you and countless others for Kate's complete healing and restoration. We will also pray for Dave and your boys as they patiently wait for Kate's return from the hospital.

Please let us know if there is any asistance we can render.


Gery and Linda Kotthoff

aunt dee dee reporting live said...

[stuart's nap time] i should preface this comment by stating that this might start sounding like i just won an Oscar or a Golden Globe, only with much more sincerity and a lot less backstabbing and bribery. putting hollywood awards ceremonies aside, i want to express some real gratitude. i know there are tons of you folks out there helping out and praying for our family--for this i am forever grateful. but i want to narrow in on some people who have specifically touched myself, my mom, and the boys. here on the homefront we want to send a "shout out," in other words we want to thank you.

first, i want to thank emily williams for the much needed advice on the idiosyncatic sleeping patterns of toddlers. i was running on less than two hours of sleep--emily probably could match that number--but the advice sunk in. and thank you for being there in the crucial hours at the hospital. you have been a great friend to my sister.

i want to thank grant williams for taking the carter and cole to school and listening to them count the green lights (a record of 10 green, and 2 red just the other day).

on that note, i want to thank michelle for safely transporting the kids home, and for offering to take them to the pool party this friday.

i want to thank the kaldi's crew for all their understanding and support, especially since i was late for work this morning (i go in at 4:30 am). thank you stephanie, leslie, kathy, nathan g, bud, katie wiggins, laura, and the other katie (POS), whom i just recently meet and who has graciously offered to bring dinner next week.

i want to thank the people i've never meet, the ones who are making sack lunches for carter and cole--that's really helping grandma and me out this hectic week.

mr. and mrs. loewe, dave's former co-worker, only hours ago filled our kitchen with groceries, literally the kitchen floor was covered with food. the cabinets and fridges are overflowing, as is our gratitude.

thank you to all the people, with equally busy lives and schedules, bringing dinners every other night. if there is a lack of something in this house, it is surely hunger. not having to worry about the next meal makes things easier on all of us, dave, grandma, and the boys.

thank you sara williams for being an excellent coordinator. i also know there are other things you are doing as support for my sister, the most important being a good friend.

thank you marnie for posting about carter and cole's star war lego creation--i forgot to mention what a diligent piece of work it is.

thanks to mary joe and the magoffin family and grandpa, who has been graciously displaced in columbia so that my mom can help take care of the boys, and later kate when she returns home. mom and i have been laughing how grandpa shuffles to the computer, asking mary jo to read him the comments from the "blob." keep us posted on your own "homefront" news--we look forward to it. ohh, and thank you to Yul for making fast friends with grandpa.

one last thing, if you're reading this, please keep grandma, kate's mom, in your thoughts and prayers. she hasn't slept well since kate's news of a brain tumor. she's running on fumes right now. i hope she gets some rest tonight.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dave & Kate,

You are both such an inspiration to me. Your love for each other is incredible. You are both true witnesses to the power of praying and the blessings of our Lord. I will continue to join in your prayers and spread the word to others whom I know will join their prayers.

God Bless you both as well as your children.

Lydia Major

pammymueller said...

Dave, I will be especially praying today for your and Kate's sustenance and peace. What a sweet way you speak of Kate as your soul mate and best friend, as you feel her pain.

'You are safe in the hands of the LORD your God as if you were safe inside His purse' (I Samuel 25:29--The Living Bible).

Dave and Kate, You are bound securely in the bundle of the living, in God's hands. (NIV)
Pam Watson Mueller

aunt dee dee said...

i had this feeling that i forgot someone... thanks to noel (sp?) and his wife--sorry, i don't know your name--who last night brought cookies and the disney movie Cars for carter and cole. since michelle let them borrow the original scooby doo, it was hard for them to pick between the two DVDs. it came down to a few episodes of scooby doo since they also had to take a bath.

Crista Johnson said...

Dear Kate & Dave,
I was working this morning with Richard on the way to school to learn his memory verses for church and one immediately reminded me of you. John 15:7-8 "If you abide in me, and my words abide in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you. By this my Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit and so prove to be my disciples." Your situation is so painful but you are bearing such fruit for the Father.
Crista Johnson

Anonymous said...

Kate and Dave
This is Annie, Patti's mom in Rantoul, Il. Patti is keeping me informed of your progress. Our prayers are with you and your family.
Annie and Wally Hewitt

Sherri Heitert said...

Kate, it was good to see you last night - there you were sitting up and eating the day after surgery! Isn't God very good! I was thinking on the way home of when you were little and you jumped out of the swing at Grandma & Grandpa's and broke your arm. Your mom drove and I held you keeping your arm very still all the way to the hospital. Then they told us to wait in the waiting room and the next thing we heard was a blood curdling scream. We just hurt for you. Oh how the years have past and broken arms are sounding GOOD but I know that our God takes care of the big & little hurts. How we can trust him with everything.

By the way - just to make you laugh - I won the costume contest with my "Worker Bee" costume. I took Carter's advice and brought a flower and my honey jar! As soon as you get better, we'll use my free Starbuck's coupon! As Tom says, keep on pushin. See you soon.
Love, Uncle Tom, Aunt Sherri & Corri

Anonymous said...

Hello Kate and Dave Thurs 11/9
Greetings from Columbia,Missouri
Grandpa has snoozed the day away today so you know what that means Sandy. Yes, He will be up tonight! His noon meal today was a hamburger,baked beans,veggies,cookie and milk. He says you get more to eat here than in Washington. He calls our puppy the "vicious dog" but secretly I think he is smitten by "Yul" Jean, alias Aunt Dee Dee, you're right he does shuffle to the computer to see the "blob". I tell him it is a "blog" but he keeps saying "blob". I give up. I am NOT going to argue with an 87 year old man. I bought him a flannel/nylon jacket and my friend Sue came over and sewed on some velcro since dad can't do buttons. Hey, Jean if you get an abundance of food send some my way. You know Grandpa snacks all night but he has been quiet during the night not keeping us awake. It has been a blessing to have him here. The kids are enjoying his sense of humor(Katie you must get that from Grandpa).
Anxiously awaiting the pathology report. I don't know who's pacing more, me or dad.
Kisses and hugs from Grandpa and Mary Jo
p.s. It would be nice when everyone posts to tell us where you are from(town,state)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Dave and Kate, I just heard today about what you are walking through and wanted to let you know you are in our prayers. As I read your last post it sounded so familiar having watched Lynn go through her struggle five years ago and again this summer with cancer. It is still difficult to think about and as a husband in so many ways you feel helpless to help the person you love so much. Just wanted you to know you're in our prayers and if you need someone to talk to let me know.
God is good, all the time.
Steve & Lynn Fisk

Meredith Wiggers Heintz said...

Dave and Kate, Please know that many of us (at TOCS)are praying for you all as you wait minute by minute, hour by hour. It is amazing to me how God has brought our paths together after so many years. It has been fun to watch our(middle boys)play soccer with each other for the last several years. Yes, Kate, I am along side of you as one of those many crazy soccer moms screaming on the side lines and still managing to keep and eye on our little soccer champs (and it is only 1st grade soccer!) GO EAGLES....and I must say I can't wait to see Grandma going crazy on Saturday!

With love and prayers,

Kirkwood, MO

Susie Keith (Carter's teacher) said...

Dear Dave and Kate,

I just wanted you to know that the hearts and minds of the CCS 2nd grade class has been with you this week! We have started every morning with a time of prayer for you and Carter and your whole family...and it has been AMAZING! James 5:16 says, "The prayers of a righteous man is powerful and effective." And Jesus said in Matt. 19:14, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kindom of heaven belongs to such as these." I can only imagine how powerful are the prayers of His precious little ones! Logan Williams has had the classroom job of "Chaplain" this week. That usually entails leading the class in reciting the week's memory verse and opening the day in a short prayer (ie "God, please heal Hannah's hangnail and help no one to get hurt at recess today. Amen." :-) But this week, he has lead the class in praying for you and your family...and you can not BELIEVE how earnest and profound the prayers of these 7 and 8 year old children have been!!! It has humbled me and deeply touched my heart! (I've almost started bawling more than once!) Anyway, just know that we are praying for you all, and giving Carter lots of love and support. On Monday he was a little quieter than usual, but since then, he has pretty much been his usual spunky self! We are doing our best to take good care of him! :-)

Susie Keith