Thursday, November 09, 2006

Fever Update

Kate likes to refer to this place as St. John's Mercy Medical Spa because of the turban (wrap) she wears on her head and the massages (back rubs) I've been giving her. She is dying to get the turban off her head because it is on very tight and presses against the incision site, causing pain.

Praise God that Kate's fever is back to normal. Our primary care physician, Dr. Sanders, was just in for a visit and said that it is normal to have a slight fever after surgery (called post-op fever) and it is caused by inflammation and healing of the wound site, not an infection (relief to us).

Your prayers and support are precious to us.

Dave and Kate


Anonymous said...

From Grandma
Dave when you get a chance ask Kate what kind of diapers I am suppose to buy. I think we are running low. Stuart and I can run to the store to get some today.
Tell Kate he slept through the night last night without waking up. Nice from auntie and I. And he woke up with a big smile on his face. Yesterday a little crabby, but today a new day. Don't we all feel that way sometimes.
Soccer Gram over and out!

Anonymous said...

GOOD MORNING Sweet Kate and Dave!!

This is so cool how fast you're up and's so you:) Ain't nuttin keepin you down:) with God's awesome power and strength!!

You were sleeping so peacefully for a short while yesterday, but it was therapuetic to see you and know that even if you don't remember (cause you were pretty drugged:) that more prayers were being lifted up over you:)

I want to tell you how sweet your boys were yesterday morning.

Carter and Cole were so happy that they finished their Star Wars ship. Carter built it and Cole watched "the whole time". It is REALLY impressive:)

Stuart was so happy and joyful. When I walked in the house, he said "Maunie, B-Ballll" as he ran from the living room with a great blue ball. His smile is so contagious:) He sat with me and showed me all his tractors and farm puzzles. We had a great time.

When Carter and Cole were on their way into Mr. Williams car little Stuart was sad because his big brothers were leaving. So Carter said, "Mr. Williams, I need to give Stu a hug and kiss good-bye". Both boys came up and hugged and kissed Stuart bye, and he was so happy and content then. Thank you Lord for sensitive and compassionate brothers:)

I am praying for peace this morning. I am praying for privacy in your room.
I am praying that your fever goes down and stays down.

I love you

Anonymous said...

Good morning, Kate! Jimmy, the girls and I lifted you up this morning before we rushed off to work and school. Thank you for reminding us who God is and that he's there for us every single minute of the day (we just have to STOP and talk with Him). Last night we studied the Holy Spirit and I believe the Greek word for Holy Spirit is: He Who Comes Along Side. I definitely believe He is at your side...
Love, Patty
ps: I plan to come by during the noon hour today if I can bring you anything.... 966-7766

The Jobacks (again) said...

OK: I'm in the (somewhat, probable) psycho mode checking this site every 5 minutes looking for an update from Dr. Forget. WHERE is that man? Truly, NOTHING in his morning could be more important than visiting you!!!!
Isaac told me he wanted to write you on the computer:
"ccfcdfdjkfkjfc" Deciphered: I'm going to sing to Kate and "kuh-lap" (clap) and play the "pun-nano" (piano) and talk to Larry about her when he gets home (reference to Veggie Tales). When I asked him what song he'd sing, he broke into: "I'm so blooo-hooo-hoo, blooo-hooo-hoo" from Madame Blueberry.
Watching and waiting with you! Laura and Isaac

Anonymous said...

Good morning, Kate and Dave!
So nice to hear you up and about. Your comments about missing the boys (and who wouldn't miss those wonderful bundles of love and joy?!) reminds me of something one of my Dressage instructors told me several years ago. She said be thankful for your problems because each step forward brings new problems different from the ones from yesterday. So today, after the monumental fears of a few short days ago, I'm SO thankful that you, Kate, remember your boys and their smiles and hugs and songs and that you are feeling well enough to want to see them and your personality remains just like you. Halleluiah! Halleluiah! Praise the Lord for He is good! What a wonderful problem to have. So forgive me for rejoicing in your motherly sadness even though I know that you are longing to wrap your arms around your boys to fill a huge void that only they can fill, today I rejoice because you are able to miss them. Kate is missing her boys! Halleluiah! Halleluiah!
Love and Hugs,
Grammy Carol

pammymueller said...

Good Morning, Kate and Dave,

I have been praying fervently for you. Especially last night, the LORD woke me up to pray. This morning I am praying especially for your hearts and the boys and , per Dave's request, God's preparation of you with the biopsy results coming today.

"Fear not, for I am with you; Be not dismayed, for I am thy God...I will help you...I will uphold you with My righteous right hand..."

May God uphold you and bring all of us a 'good report' today, and may He sustain your sweet family!

I've been checking the blog and will continue to.

Pam Watson Mueller (for Jeff and me)

Anonymous said...

Kate and Dave,
This is my 1st experience with a "blog," and what a wonderful way to keep current! Kate, our paths at Covenant rarely cross, except when Raynell and I had Cole in SS.
But in God's family, we are always "near" to one another, esp. in times of trials. You and yours are constantly on my mind, and my prayers for each of you are many.
May I share this first verse from "In Christ Alone," a song we often sing at Covenant: "In Christ alone my hope is found, He is my light, my strength, my song; this Cornerstone, this solid Ground, firm through the fiercest drought and storm. What heights of love, what depths of peace, when fears are stilled, when strivings cease! My Comforter, my All in All, here is the love of Christ I stand." Dear sister and brother in Christ, may you stand with fierce steadfastness in our All in All, on Him, our Solid Ground, as you wait for the path. report, and not forgetting the demands and patience and love needed on the road to recovery.
Pat McGinnis

Anonymous said...

Kate and Dave-

We met you last year while visiting Grant and Emily. We've been praying like crazy since Emily called us with "the news." She also mentioned that Danny Oertli's music had ministered to you; while you were listening to his CD's, he was with us, leading worship for our marriage conference in New England! He's married to our niece, Rayna, and he was so pleased to get the message that his music was encouraging you. He's praying for you, too.

We're in your balcony, on our knees.

With love and confidence in Jesus-
Virginia (and Paul) Friesen

katie weinberg said...

Kate and Dave, Carter, Cole and Stuart,
Corey, Haley and Kurt have been praying for you and the boys constantly, at every meal and at bedtime. Haley was tearful last night; not because she's worried, (she was careful to remind me that we're not supposed to worry because God is in control) but sad because she cares.

Thank you for sharing your story with us, that we can be encouraged by your faith, and see His church at work. May all who encounter you there at St John's marvel at the work Christ is doing in and through you!

With love from the Weinbergs