Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Confusion & Pathology Slides

Ok . . . A little confusion with the slides. I guess that is normal with someone who just had their brain operated on. : )

Here is what has happened in the last 24 hours . . . . Barnes sent our slides back to St. John's Mercy Center by noon today. (My slides were considered St. John's property and Barnes wasn't allowed to ship our slides directly to Houston.) At 4pm today (Tuesday), St. John's Center had our slides sent by overnight UPS to MD Anderson, Houston. Once tracking number has been confirmed by Candie in the brain & spine business office she will then contact us (Wednesday) with the first available appointment with a neuro-oncologist. We desire to see Dr. Yung (chair) or Dr. Gilbert. Please pray for a quick opening especially with Dr. Yung. A big "thank you" to Candie at MD Anderson. She is really a big help during this time. She really knows what she is doing.

Once we have a scheduled appointment, we will fly to Houston. The appointment could range from 7 - 10 days out. We will be staying at a Marriot Hotel - many thanks to Pop Pop Snodgrass and his bonus points. Dave & I are looking forward to some quiet time together in Houston. We might even have time to take in some sights - just him & I. Carter & Cole are looking forward to a special gift from Houston. They even love the airplane snacks. (It's the simple things in life that are special.) Stuart will appreciate anything. He will be most happy to have mom back home to cuddle with. Oh, please still pray for his cold. He is sleeping well but, the cold still needs to run its course. My cold is gone. Yeah!

I need to get going . . . A good game of sock tag is happening upstairs. I will try to explain later what that is in our home. It is a Hoot! Lots of laughter and running. Of course, it is safe. We have "Safety Dave" in this house.



Anonymous said...


just wanted to let you know that i look at your blog every day. even though i don't post a comment very often i had to let you know that i am still praying for you and thinking of you often/daily. thanks again for keeping everyone updated with the blog. i was just thinking yesterday that people are often "forgot" about after the initial news of surgery or illness. your blog is a great reminder that you are still dealing with a lot and that we should still be praying for you! hope your trip to houston is helpful and encouraging as well as refreshing.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate!
Glad the slides are on their way south. I'm praying they arrive when/where they should, and that you get a call from Candie tomorrow with a scheduled appt. with Dr Yung a.s.a.p.!
It was good to hear from BASKETBALL Gram and Aunt DeeDee in their posts. I was wondering about Aunt DeeDee today, hoping she's doing alright. B-Gram, I'm so glad you had special time at home with your geese overhead on Thanksgiving! I can only imagine how all this is affecting you, too.

I'm remembering each of you in my prayers, and I'll be eager to know how all the details work out for Houston.
Love, Tiffani Gibbs

emily said...

You were a blessing to my family today even during your own trial. Thank You, Em

Aimee said...

Dear Kate and Dave-
You remain in my thoughts and prayers as I read your blog daily.
Please know that you are thought of constantly and lifted up in prayer often. Would love to know more about sock tag-also loved the reference of Dave as safety Dave (this brought me way back in time)
You are loved.
Aimee Wiggers Kuzemka

Anonymous said...

Kate, I echo Danielle's post...I read daily & pray for you all. Human nature is we tend to forget over long term. This blogsite helps keep you in the forefront of our minds.

I'm so glad someone else has the name with "Safety" attached to it! I'm known as "Saftey Sue"....when I was in the singles group at E-Free, a friend made up a song for me based on a song from the TV show "Friends"....Phoebe sang "Smelly Cat". He entitled it "Saftey Sue".

Calling on Him & Holding to His Truth,
Sue (Aldrich) & Robert Stark