Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Carving Pumpkins 2007

As I should be "resting", I am trying to think of ways to remember this time in our family life 1 year from now. Every year as we carve pumpkins, it is always a fun, competitive time to decide what design to choose. Mine will be the best so far. . . . . Starting over the left eye, crossing over to the right eye will be a series of 25 staples from a staple gun. Yes, a staple gun. I can just see it now! I am going to win the competition.

In response to the comment my friend, Laura J. wrote about the animal chanting of sorts . . . . I laughed outloud. Laughter IS good medicine!

A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.
Proverbs 17:22
Thanks for praying alongside us and have you enjoyed the rain today? I would be outside if I could playing in it with the older boys. - Kate at 2:06 pm Tuesday
More details will be posted later. I am concerned about safety on the homefront with too many details on the internet.


Aimee Wiggers Kuzemka said...

Loved the pumpkin idea, you WILL win for sure.
We prayed for you this morning, the boys and Dave in Bible Study in Springfield, Missouri.
You are loved.
Aimee Wiggers Kuzemka

Aunt Julie said...

I thought I would share something funny.
No matter what job I am working at I have always tried to remain professional. My motto is to keep my private life private and separate it from my work life. However, late last Friday afternoon, after reading some of your blog, I started to get teary eyed at my desk and then the next thing I knew I was crying. There were only 2 people in my office at the time and it was me and my boss. Please keep in mind that I work with a boss who has a bumper sticker on his office door that says “YES, It does hurt when I smile” and if you think I am joking about this, think again. My boss had just been up working on set designs for the past 48 hours with little or no sleep, dealing with HIGH MAINTANCE musicians, and earlier that morning we had the back wheels of a piano break right in the middle of practice causing the piano to come crashing down almost on piano player and the other musicians. After all of this he comes in to find his assistant hysterically crying at her desk. He said “Julia” with a long sigh in between, knowing very well he did not want to ask me this question “do you need to tell me something” (probably thinking I was going to give him more bad news about the show) however, I proceed to tell him the story of my sister with brain cancer and showed him the hot pink blog. He stood there staring at me with a puzzled look and replied “Do you realize where you are working at?” confused I said “Excuse me” then with his extremely dry, non social humor skills replied “You work in the Fine and Performing Arts Department, where people are dramatic on a daily basis, I am used to theatrical people by now” he then proceeded to tell me he was leaving to go have a cigarette and a beer and that I was only to call him if the building was burning down. I guess he felt that it was just another normal day here at work.
SO, THANK YOU GOD for the Fine and Performing Arts Department, THANK YOU GOD for high maintenance musicians, THANK YOU GOD for people in Pippy Longstocking Costumes running down the hallway, THANK YOU GOD for crashing pianos, THANK YOU GOD for a dry witted bosses, THANK YOU GOD for Kate’s cancer and that blog, and finally, THANK YOU GOD for knowing exacting when and where we need to be, to feel safe to cry and be ourselves.
Aunt Julie

PS – I have a bunch of Catholic Italian Women praying for you in New Jersey, and they have been known to show up with tons of Italian food in moments of crisis.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kate,
A few years ago I saw this quote at Bed Bath & Beyond, of all places, but loved it so much I wrote it down and taped it to my kitchen cabinet. It totally reminds me of you and the way you embrace life:

"Dance like no one is watching;
Love like you'll never get hurt;
Sing like no one is listening;
Live like it's heaven on earth."
(William Purkey)

You live life with a passion that is contagious, and what a gift that is to your boys (as well as everyone else in your life). I love to play in the rain with my kids too!
Love to you as you rest,
Tiffani Gibbs

The Jobacks said...

I was thinking about the time I came to visit with you just recently--probably a week or two before "Ye Ole Tumor Trial" began. We sat on your couch in the family room, and you told me how you'd been so blessed by getting into your women's Tues. AM Bible study...hear that, ladies? God was using you to bless her LONG before any diagnosis was made! Isn't that so GOD? Any-hoo, you said that you had felt that you'd been somewhat "dry bones" in the spiritual department, and had not been in the Word or having quiet times as much lately... Again, it struck me...God was drawing you near Him, so you'd be right up next to His heart when you needed to be!!! :)
A lot of fellow Blog-ites, Blog-ees, and Blog-o's have commented on your transparency...you commented on it yourself when you referred to your life being a diary w/ an open lock. I think MOTHERHOOD has somewhat prepared you for this. Here's a scenario that plays itself out often (too often?) in my household...I'm sure it has happened as well in yours w/ THREE (count them: 1,2,3!! kids)
...Have you ever felt like you'd just like a FEW minutes of privacy? A few moments to sit, relax, and not have someone tugging at you? Well sometimes such a moment for me is when I pull the door to the bathroom closed behind me and sit,...again just for a moment (hey, I'm NOT a GUY camping out on the commode for 27.8 minutes w/ the newspaper or the Reader's Digest)...I'm a LADY & ladies get their business done pretty promptly most of the time. Just a fraction of a second after the door clicks in its place, the doorknob goes, "jiggle, jiggle," and this little plaintive voice is heard, "Mommy, whatcha' doin'?" (Sigh) The door struggles in its frame, is finally managed open, and this little impish face appears in the doorway, shock of blonde hair sticking up in the front, blue eyes curious. "Mommy, are you peeing?" ... (Grrrrr!) "Yes, dear, I'm going potty." ... "Mommy, can I tear your toilet paper?" ... "Mommy, can I flush?" ... "Mommy, do you have a bottom?" My momentary annoyance gives way to a rush of love for this baby who just wants to be NEAR ME. We bloggers are like Isaac...wanting to peer in your life, being somewhat intrusive (even into your most private moments and thoughts), wanting to help, but not sure how. So, sorry we've cracked open the diary of your life a bit more than you're comfortable with, Kate. Your vulnerability has ministered to so many. When it starts to make you squirm in your seat, remember the analogy above and think of we intruders tenderly, just like you probably have thought so of Carter, Cole, and Stuart when they interrupt your moments alone. We're here b/c we love you so!!!! Big hug (as usual) to Kate (the most), Dave, the boys, Aunt Dee Dee, and Soccer Gram.
Love, The Jobacks

Anonymous said...

Kate and Dave,

Though we have never really known each other well, I have definitely become a blogaholic in the last week - sometimes checking in on you before I even get my coffee! Thank you for being so open and 'real' as you have shared, allowing us to pray, cry, and sometimes laugh with you. Laura is right about your transparency... and I loved the toilet analogy today! I'm sure it feels that way to you sometimes, but for me it is such a privilege to peer into your lives just long enough to know how to pray for you that day. Thank you for letting us share the journey with you and your family.

My daughter Jordan (age 3.5) and I were praying for you last night when she said, "Momma, I have a great idea to make Mrs. Snodgrass feel better. Let's take her dinner sometime soon." That's my girl. She knows that when someone we care about has a need, I always have two questions: How can we pray for you? and What would you like for dinner?

So we will call your friend who is coordinating meals and get signed up for some night soon. (Right now I have bronchitis, so we'll wait until everyone here is well!)

For now just know that you are SURROUNDED by people who love the Lord and who love you. Though I hate that cancer has entered your family -- it definitely sucks! -- I am thankful for the opportunity to pray for you every day while you go through this.

Tonight we will specifically pray for a good night's sleep again, for all of you.

With love in Christ,
Dave and Stacey (Williams) Preis
and Jordan, too

Pat Yount said...

Kate-Take my word for it, anyone that had brain surgery will fly through staple removal. We remove staples in my office almost daily. Thoughts and prayers from Belgrade. Pat

Anonymous said...

As I should be "resting", I am trying to think of ways to remember this time in our family life 1 year from now. Every year as we carve pumpkins, it is always a fun, competitive time to decide what design to choose. Mine will be the best so far. . . . . Starting over the left eye, crossing over to the right eye will be a series of 25 staples from a staple gun. Yes, a staple gun. I can just see it now! I am going to win the competition.

In response to the co