Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Dr. Forget updated me that Kate is responding well to neurological tests and is cleared to leave the ICU. She will be moving sometime today to the neurological recovery floor where it will be even more quiet. Similar to yesterday it sounds like they are waiting for a room to open up. Please be praying that one will open soon.

Also, Kate has been struggling with nausea. The doctor says it is normal but a nuisance for someone trying to rest.

Finally, Kate is very sensitive to light and sound. For example, when the nurse closed a drawer in Kate's room she said it sounded like someone was screaming in her ear.

We covet your prayers.



Marilyn McDonald said...

Could Kate wear those disposable foam earplugs to muffle sounds for the time being? I assume they can darken the room she moves to by closing blinds or curtains.

Nausea: can she suck on ice chips or sip ginger ale (not lemon-lime soda)? Both help combat queasiness.

Another practical idea: Kate mentioned the gap she'll have in her hairline. Wide fabric headbands or scarves are back in style, and would be comfortable to wear.

Loving you in prayer,

Anonymous said...

Kate and Dave,
We have been praying and continue to pray for you guys and the boys as you are going through this trial in you lives. Thank you for providing us the opportunity through this blog to share the experience with you and pray for specific needs you have during the day. Our God is a mighty and soveriegn God and I know He reigns in your lives and will care for you through this by wrapping His loving and compassionate arms around you every step of the way.
Wendy Schick

Anonymous said...

Kate and Dave,
Greetings from Columbia,Mo
You continue to be in my families and Grandpa's thoughts today. Mitch is even praying for you from Omaha, Nebraska. How inspiring to see the many comments of people from different churches interceding for your family. What a great God we serve to have this privilege to bring you before our God and cry out for you. You are very special Kate. It is amazing how many lives you(a homemaker) have touched. It inspires me, also being a stay at home mom all these years.
I am taking good care of Grandpa. When I was putting his clothes away yesterday he fell asleep on the bed. Boy Charlie, you must have worn dad out! And yes Sandy I will feed Grandpa and I promise he won't freeze. Joseph says if it gets too hot in the house he will sleep on the deck in his sleeping bag. He loves to sleep out there in his 30o sleeping bag. Oh,Grandpa's first "Meals on Wheels' meal came today(Wed) at 11:10. They forgot the pat of butter but never fear, I had some in the frig!!
Love you all
Mary Jo and Grandpa

Anonymous said...

When I first heard you guys were doing a blog, I admit I was a bit puzzled -- I have been blogging for a long time at and but had never considered this type of blog. I have been really encouraged as I have read all of the entries. We are so fortunate to have a community of concerned and helpful individuals. It gives me hope that when my trials come, I, too, will find such support.

Anonymous said...

They have wonderful shots/medication for nausea. Insist that they give Kate some - Have them call Dr. Forget if needed as I'm certain he won't want Kate bothered with nausea. They don't want ME to come down there! lol!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,
I am so happy and relieved everything went well. I thought about you all night long. I spoke with Dr. Sanders yesterday before I left work and he assured me everything will go well. And of course it did. I came in this morning and he gave me the update. You are a sweet and beautiful person. I wish the best for you and your family. If you need anything do not hesitate to call our office.

Jessica, Dr. Sander's assist.