Thursday, November 09, 2006

How this journey began

Many people have asked, including the nurses caring for me, how did we know something was wrong. So here the story goes.

On Thursday, Oct 19th I was having episodes of intense headaches lasting 10-15 min in duration, around 5 times per day. Several days later I visited my chiropractor in the hopes that it was due my neck being out of alignment, however within a couple days the headaches returned though not as intense.

I decided to see my primary care physician, Dr. Sanders, about my condition and he said I should have a CT Scan "just in case".

On Wed, Nov 2nd I went in for the CT Scan. The next day I got a call from Dr. Sanders and he had scheduled an immediate appointment with a neurosurgeon, Dr. Forget (say it in french, not english forget).

Dr. Forget showed us the CT Scan "films" that showed some swelling in the right frontal lobe of my brain, caused by either a tumor or an infection. He said that it would have to be removed and described the procedure to us.

On Friday I went in for an MRI and it confirmed that it was a tumor of 4 cm in diameter. Dr. Forget said it was a good idea to have it removed sooner than later. He scheduled the surgery for the following Tuesday (2 days ago).

That's how it all began.


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Anonymous said...

Kate, it is great to read a post from you. I guess this speaks to progress in your condition. You should feel blessed to have such a large group of friends and families around you. I pray for continued progress for you. God bless.

Russ Nolting