Saturday, November 04, 2006

Details of surgery

First of all - I encourage you to leave comments on this blog, you can click on the "Comments" section after each posting and create a comment. Also, feel free to pass this blog website on to any friends. The more praying the better.

OK here are some details about the actual surgery details in "Kates terminology".

Since the growth is on the front top right section of my brain the incision will start (1 inch into my hairline) over my left eye and all the way over to my right ear. The surgeon will then pull back the skin and drill a hole in my skull. After the hole is complete a "saw" will be used to cut a circular shape. This "man-hole" will be used to get to the growth.

After speaking to the surgeon on Friday. . . . By the way he is great! He has called our home personally 3 times to check in with me. he stated that it doesn't look like a meningioma. You can Google it for those who don't know what that is. From my reading that is a positive.

Post OP may look like: 1. headache pain (I thought that was a funny!), 2. black eye, 3. numbness for weeks at site of incision, 4. unreceptive to bright lights, 5. sensitivity to any brain stimulation, 6. no driving for at least a week (no problem for me - not like I want all of the city to see this black eye) I need to find some Jackie O shades! : ), 7. in later months - a sharp stinging pain as the nerves are trying to grow back.

It has been great to get the phone messages from all over the states!

Dave's work has been a great blessing. They gave him a BlackBerry. Wow! I think I was more excited for him than he was.

Please read what Dave just emailed to a friend of ours. It truly expresses what we are going through.

"Thank the Lord for a wonderful community of believers that are rallying around us with prayer, encouragement, service, and support. We are overwhelmed by God's grace working through His people. We can't imagine anyone going through this trial without a relationship with Jesus Christ. We are grateful for the solid teaching and healthy churches we have been a part of that have shaped our faith. Praise the Lord for His goodness."

This evening we had family pictures and our 2 year-old's pictures. A relief to me to know that it is done. Our 2 year old was so happy! On the way home Dave dropped the two older boys and myself off about 1/2 mile from the house so we could enjoy a nice walk home together. Great conversation, especially about their top 3 Christmas gifts.

I'm tired and signing off for the evening. Thank you to everyone for their prayers and support.



Anonymous said...

Kate and Dave- Praying for you and your family as you trust the One who created you and knows you inside and out- He is faithful in all things and loves you. Know that you are being lifted up-In Him and for His Glory- Jen and Bill
Psalm 121

katie weinberg said...

Hi Dave and Kate,
Three times in two days we got word of your situation. You guys are known and loved by many! We are praying for you - that you will have courage, peace, and hope as you trust in Jesus, your Savior and King.
Love and Blessings from the Weinberg family