Monday, November 13, 2006

Sleep Needed

OK, you know what to do with this info . . . .

1. Under our roof - a great nights (Monday eve) rest is needed.

2. Upcoming doctors visits - Wisdom with what questions to ask,
PRAISE: Someone is staying at our home to take care of our youngest while he naps

3. I am feeling pretty good for just having surgery on my brain - Just still a little apprehensive about the 25 staples that are going to be taken out. Yes, 25! I am not one who likes to have my eyebrows plucked. I am like "a cat on a hot tin roof" when the plucking begins. Others have told me how it is not a Big Deal. Thank you to Big G, Gracie, Laura J., & other doctor friends. I just need some courage.

Thanks for YOU!


Dick (& Lina) Reynolds said...

add my name to the list of "staples are not that big of a deal"... perhaps some day I can share a GREAT story about what Jordan (at age 3.5) said when he discovered staples in my, um well, "upper hip" where they had taken some bone to help in the fusion of C5 & C6 (which is ALSO a GREAT story of God's faithfulness to us!)

the hip bone's connected to the neck bone....

still in our prayers
Dick & Lina

Anonymous said...

Kate....I know you feel apprehensive about it....let me tell you, I had staples removed before (different location) and it really doesn't hurt at all...after they are out you will feel more comfortable and realize that they were probably bothering you and you didn't even realize it. Also, know that Dr.Forget would not remove them if your incision was not healed well/well approximated. It will be fine and so will you!! Good luck!!! jennifer schulte