Tuesday, November 14, 2006

What was your "High" today?

Hello Friends-

Tonight at dinner was great! Almost like old times w/o me making the dinner. (Big Praise there!) At our home we have a tradition of going around the table and each sharing what our "High" of the day was and then what our "Low" was. It is great to hear the responses from our younger ones. You really are able to grasp what is important in their world. It also opens up the lines of communication. Aunt Dee Dee & Grams have been able to see the dinner hour unfold. I hope it has been a blessing to them as well.

Carter - "high" last night (Monday) was that he got to play football at afternoon recess.
His "low" - he said "I didn't have one". Yeah! That was a relief to mommy's heart.

Cole's "high" on Monday eve was that there is a mole problem at school and that he along with the other boys made up "traps" to get the moles. Something with sticks to stop him in his tracks - I presume. (Don't you just love boys?) Watch out mole at CCS. middle Our middle child is on the loose.
He also did not have a "low" last night. A delightful surprise to me.

Tonight (Tuesday)
Carter - football again, Cole: playing football with the older boys at recess
Stuart: He "sang" the whole time during the family dialogue. He was happy to see us all together.

Carter: Did not finish his math paper in the time allotted.
Cole: The mole is still there.
Stuart: I would assume it would be he does not like mommy going to another part of the house. (ie: he is used to seeing me lying in bed in the Master Bedroom & checks on me often) If I am not there, he cries loudly"MOMEEEEE". Not knowing if & when I will return. (I am usually in the bathroom, little "S".)
Daddy: His low every evening is "Getting out of bed in the morning." Yes, the Indiana family knows that he is NOT a morning person.

OK - For all those praying & needing some details . . . .

1. Doctors appointments in the next few days. We should find out the extended pathology report at that time & also know what treatment to go forward with. Pray that we have wisdom in what questions to ask and to decipher ALL the info being brought to us. I only wish we could carry a Google search engine with us to the appointments. Praise that we, are having another set of ears at each office visit

2. If & when to seek a second opinion in regards to a cancer doctor. Hematologist, Dr. Leonard White, will be overseeing my care from this point on since he is the specialist.

3. We will let you know of any needs as they arise.

4. I am feeling quite well. I think I am in a fog. But a peaceful one. PRAISE: No intense headaches like before.

Much love, your friend,


Yes, it's us again (Jobacks) said...

Frighteningly, I feel you are unable to enter a new update without me responding in some way. It is part of my blogger psychosis, Kate, and I must apologize profusely for my sick self. Ah, well. It's all about lovin' you, though! Glad to hear you so "up" and like you wonderful self! FYI, when Isaac played w/ his FisherPrice Little People tonight, one of the girl people had an owie in her head and was going to the doctor for a sharp. You're still on his little baby brain! And on ours as well! (But you already knew that from my obscessive-compulsive blogging). Hugs again tonight!
Jobacks signing off (I promise this time)

Anonymous said...

Dear Kate,
I don't know if you'll want to post the answer to my question or not, but what are some of your favorite foods? I'm asking about each one in your household (even Gram & DeeDee). Are any of you craving anything in particular? I almost baked brownies to drop off, but thought you may have a house stocked with them by now. I haven't called Emily W. yet, but will try to do that soon, so if you haven't already filled her in on your faves, please do when you can, kay? Also, any allergies or dislikes. It's so fun to make stuff when I know it's something you'll enjoy!

So glad you're feeling better and enjoyed dinner with the family. What a GREAT idea--the highs and lows! You've inspired me to do the same with my kids--Thanks!

Praying for peace of mind and great sleep. Sweet Dreams, Kate!
Love, Tiffani Gibbs

Anonymous said...

Kate...I am just reading this on Wed. AM, since I worked last night. When you go to the Dr. visits, take a tape recorder with you and tape the session with each of your Dr.'s. When my mom had breast cancer, her oncologist taped her first appointment and gave her the tape. When one receives all the information, it is very difficult to process everything...after you get back to the peace of your own home, you can listen to the tape and formulate all your questions that you may have forgotten to ask....then call or meet with him to get all your answers. It is EXTREMELY helpful!! Hope this helps you! You are all still in my daily thoughts and prayers. I am so happy for you that you are feeling and doing so well post-op!! jen schulte