Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Surgery has begun

I just received word that Kate's surgery has begun (2:15). She was at peace and laughing as she left pre-op. She was so at peace that she declined the "happy juice" before the anesthesia. Our God is so good.



Laura Joback said...

You're in HIS arms now, Kate. There are no arms greater to hold and cradle you. No arms, not even Dave's, that love and cherish every fiber of you as much as the arms of the God that created you. I've been praying since I lay Elijah and Isaac down at 2:15, not knowing until now, that it was the exact moment that your surgery had begun. Guide Dr. Forgets' hands and the teams' hands as they handle this precious woman, Lord...we love her so! Sorry I keep writing! A) I'm so excited that I'm no longer a complete computer idiot B) I've always been verbose C) I want you two, Dave and Kate, to know that you are supported and loved. One more thought from Isaac...(our 3 year old)...I showed him on the computer where I'd written about his prayers for Kate earlier today. I told him we put his prayers in Kate's BLOG. He looked at me and said, "Kate's bra?" No, dear. Her BLOG. Once again the confused look..."Kate's blob, Mommy?" What am I to do? I don't even know that a blog is or how I'm actually writing in it. An explanation was worthless to him, my priceless child. So I'll tell Isaac when he wakes from his nap that I wrote again to your blob, bra, and blog. He'll probably still be confused, but that's somewhat the norm when you're three. I'll quit writing and go back to praying....gives me something to do until I see the post from Dave that you're in recovery. Hugs: Laura Joback

Crista Johnson said...

Dear Kate,
Until last week I thought that today was going to be all about the elections that were going on today. Somehow after I heard about what you would be doing today the elections suddenly seemed so unimportant. Richard has been very worried about his friend Cole. We pray for him as well as for you. You are so blessed to have so many prayerful friends. My good friend goes to E-Free Church and she said that there are hundreds of people there praying for you and your family, as are we at Covenent Christian School and I am sure at many other Churches were you are known and loved. Please know that you are the most important thing on many, many people's minds and hearts today. Love and Prayers, Crista Johnson

Tim/Brenda Simmons said...

Tim and Brenda Simmons...

Everyone is writing such beautiful blessings..
Our words are not elequent but very sincere..
We will be uplifting all of you in our prayers.