Monday, November 06, 2006

Surgery time change

The update is as follows:
St. John's
Tuesday, November 7

9:30 arrive for pre qual at surgery center
meet Dr. Forget to get markers placed on my head for the stealth MRI

2:30 Craniotomy stealth guided reduction of brain tumor surgery (they have blocked out a 3 hour time slot)

I am OK that it is no longer 4:10. That was just a kiss from my God to let me know He cares about me.


jennifer schulte said...

Kate...Our family is praying for you and your entire family during this very "trying" time in your life. You are such a vibrant and beautiful person! Your boys are so lucky to have such a wonderful mother....they know that! After reading all the pages on your site, I felt very inspired. The simple things in life are the most important and are also the ones we too often take for granted. Too many times we don't tell others how we feel about them...often we tell those we are with all the time but not all our friends and those not as close to us. You have become such a wonderful neighbor since your family has moved in. I enjoy talking with you and laughing about things when we speak out in the cul-de-sac. You are a healthy and strong person with such a strong faith. I am sure that all of those things combined, in addition to all the love, support, and prayers from family, friends, and "neighbors" will guide you through a successful surgery and recovery time! May God bless you and keep you safe and may HE guide and comfort your family...Dave, Carter, Cole and Stewart!! I see you have many cars in the drive today and a houseful of people, and I don't want to intrude. Please know you have been in my thoughts and prayers constantly since I spoke with you on Sat. AM. Our family will be praying for all of you! Please give your mom and sister my name and phone #...anything last minute that they might need, just have them call me and I will do/get whatever they may need. Han will also be more than happy to come over and entertain Stu...she adores him!! I will also contact the women organizing your needs. God Bless You and Your Family!!! With much love, Jennifer well as Dave and Hannah

Anonymous said...

Kate- to go from watching you with a "headache" last Tuesday till now I am in shock. I really don't even know what to say. Please know that I am praying for you and Dave and all 3 of your boys. I also am praying for God to guide the surgeons hands. I am sure that all will go well and I am sure that your and Dave's faith has touched many. Hang in there sweetie. I would love to help out in any way possible, meals or whatever. Take care and God bless. Jenny West