Saturday, November 04, 2006

Gettin' In the Game

Hello to all my friends,
Here is a girly version of the story that is unfolding in my life. I love how Dave writes so beautifully. Mine will not have such great sentence structure.

As stated previously my regular MRI was at 10 am on 11/3/06 and was read immediately by Dr. Forget my neurosurgeon. I was able to speak to him personally. He stated that there is a 4cm in diameter "growth" with water on my brain. It doesn't look as if it is growing on the actual skull . . .(whatever that means). He was quite sure this is not an infection. -- Praise for that or this would be MORE urgent!

OK as you know, surgery this Tuesday at noon with a stealth MRI first which will "grid" "GPS my brain" for lack of better terms. At 4:10 is the actual surgery to remove all growth. It will be determined in the days following what this growth is.

Wow! It has been such a whirlwind. Yes I am scared but, God's handprint is SO evident. When I received the call from the neurosurgeons office Friday afternoon stating the actual time of the surgery . . . I cried and was astounded. 4:10! That is a significant number for Dave & I. He kissed me for the first time at 4:10 in the afternoon. Yes God does care about the special details of our individual lives. He cares for ME. I knew that that phone call from the office was a definite confirmation that Tuesday is the "game day". I am gettin' in the game mode.

Many of you have expressed an interest in tangle helps ie: 3pm carpool, meals, school lunches for our children, grocery shopping, housecleaning, etc. Hopefully in this blog will be able to give the contact people who are organizing such things for us. Yes! We will take the help. Dave and I are organizing this weekend in how to have cash set aside for the volunteers in an envelope to allow them to make the runs to the store.

I do ask that godly men surround Dave during this time. He is such a wonderful man. So precious to me. Please be with him in ICU during the recovery - listen, mentor, encourage him, etc.

As for the actual homefront - It was a difficult & emotional day for our oldest son (8) Friday morning. He cried at breakfast then retreated to his bed to hide under his covers to pour out his tears. Please pray that God would give us the wisdom & words to affirm his feelings. It was precious that he wanted to look up a promise verse in the Bible with me. Something to claim for him. He said"Mom since I have been reading through the book of Daniel lets look there". He also said "I know we will find something in John." That brought inexpressable joy to my heart. We cried together for some time. I wouldn't trade that moment for anything!

As for our second oldest (6), he is his daddy made over. He is somewhat of an introvert. Pray that he will be able to process with the Lords help what this all means. His hugs have meant the world to me. He will just spur of the moment come over and squeeze me. Love it!

(of course pray as the Lord leads as well)

1. I am homozygeous for the MTHFR gene. Which in short means I am prone to blood clotting. I will be given a blood thinner after the surgery.
2. Dave, my husband - everything that you can think of
3. Our children

4. Please pray by name our neurosurgeon, Dr. Forget (say it with a french accent) It is not the english version - forget - what I will be doing after surgery. : )
5. The frontal lobe is a "good" place to operate on. It only will affect less than 5% of my memory & personality. Pray it doesn't do any. But if it does that is fine. Dave could use a less flambouyant wife at times! : )

I will post more details about the actual surgery later. For now the older boys are awake and hungry for their breakfast. We have 2 soccer games today at 9:15. Yeah! go Snodgrass boys!

Much love and concern - Kate


andymarnie said...

Lord, please bring the details together on the homefront so that Kate can concentrate on getting physically healthy again. Let her have peace that her boys and her home are being WELL taken care of. Affirm both Dave and Kate that Dave will be surrounded and engulfed with men praying and supporting him.

I love you guys.

Anonymous said...

I prayed for you at different times through the night and again upon waking. God is being glorified through your reliance on him. Cling to what you know about Him - He is Good, Loving, Full of Mercy, Compassionate, He knows us by name, and from Nahum 1:7 - "The Lord is good a refuge in time of trouble and he knows them that trust in Him."
Know that you and Dave and the boys will be prayed for without ceasing. Love to you.

Ramona Lisa said...

God is SO good. It is quite evident that He is in every little detail of your life...even the very time of your surgery Tuesday.
We are thinking of you and praying for you around the clock. We are proud of you for relying on others to help you through this time. That's not an easy thing to do! Your faith is a wonderful example to those around you. What a testament to God's love and power.
You know we are willing to help with every little detail, so keep the calls a-comin'!

We love you! Ramona

Rita Smith said...

Hi Snodgrass Family, I am Sitting
here and resding Kate's story.My
biggest regret is that I did know abut the surgery until we were done with the portraits and i did give you a big IT'S O.K. hug. God has total control & you are truely in his hands.And so is your family.
You and your family is in our prayers.You mentioned Godly Men around Dave, Man doI have one for
you. My husband, Kate we would gladly support you guys! After all
that's what God's children is suppose to do.Kate, God is a
awesome God. He will be right by your side at all times. You have
No Worry's, He will do what he said he would do! Take Care Of You!
So Rest Gods Child! You Are In
Good Hands! I will Use Our Resourse
numbers to see were help is needed
& when. Kate, Dave, & Boy,s I Love You Guy,s. Remember God Love,s You More!
Your Photographer,

Rita Smith said...

Kate you can tell I dont use the
computer that often from my errors. My daugher said please proofread your message before you
send it.As you see I Didnt so I hope You can read it. Love You Guy's! Rita