Monday, November 13, 2006

"How Beautiful" comment from Kate

Just want to tell ya'll that the comment from Jamie B. under the new digs posting "How Beautiful" was a song sung at our wedding 10+ years ago. It has special meaning to us. What a great & beautiful song. Just so tender.

I am reminded as we go through this trial, how music plays a vital role in my life. It is great for my soul. Some years ago, I was able to lead a time of music time for the Pre K & Kindergarten class at church. Those songs - even now- come to mind! I am amazed at how much words put to music touch me! I am very thankful! Even the fun ones! Mustang Sally was not one of them! Ha Ha Ha!

Even songs from my high school years at Bible Camp have come to mind. It is so amazing how God has made our brains! No denying it!

Need to go to bed - Kate


Anonymous said...


We had "How Beautiful" at our wedding, also! Great minds think alike.

I don't know how staple removal from the head compares to staple removal from the chest and back, but my mom had an eleven inch incision stapled together after her lung cancer, and she was relieved to discover the removal was not as painful as she had anticipated. (She had thought it might be comparable to pulling out some of the drains in her lung...which WAS unpleasant!) So take may be pleasantly surprised...and I hear it goes quick!

(I'm with you on the eyebrow plucking, by the way.)

Would love to help you in ANY way; just say when and how.

Erika Byars, for us all
Ballwin, MO

Anonymous said...


Just a P.S. --- I'm so thrilled I FINALLY figured out how to write on this thing!! :)


Joback Clan said...

Kate and bloggers everywhere: Glad that others have seen the light, come out of the darkness of denial and admitted themselves to be fellow blogaholics. I, was the first to admit my sad addiction in coining the phrase, "Hi, my name is Laura. And I'm a blogaholic." It DOES feel quite nice to be in the company of others who struggle with the same tendencies. And, Kate, did you realize that one of the steps of the typical "twelve step" programs is to admit that you have a need for a, what they call, "higher power?" Well...I think we have that one covered! THAT need is a no-brainer...pardon the pun.
OK: on the staple removal front. We discussed, dear Kate, that my patients tolerate staple removal quite well, and that's saying a lot, because some of them are really quite wimpy. I came up with a thought about how you could ease yourself into this whole thing. pIn a canned, announcer-type voice: "You, Kate: are mightier than the mealy-mouthed Maltese, stronger than the 'a-shakin' ShihTzu, more courageous than the chicken Chihuahua, and have more prowess than the puny-butt Pomeranian." See, you can get kind of a mantra-type of thing going, perhaps chantingthree times in a row: "Not a puny-butt Pomeranian, Not a puny-butt Pomeranian, Not a puny-butt Pomeranian"--then "BOOM" it'll be all over, the zipper will be unzipped, the staples will be unstapled, and your hairline will be renewed,...though quite bald. (Sigh!). I tried the aforestated mantra out myself just now and I must admit...I DID feel quite empowered. You could do this mantra...
You could have ten ga-zillion bloggers pray for you. You take your pick! Ha!!!
Love and hugs to all, but especially to Kate!!!
Laura and the Joback Clan :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Kate,
As is becoming my pattern, I told myself I'd get to bed at a decent time, yet I am once again reading your blog and feeling compelled to respond. I join the others in assuring you that staples are not that big of a deal, though mine, like Gracie's, were due to C-sections (not exactly the cranial area!). Most, I couldn't even feel, and the worst felt like a pinch. You can do it; just focus on your breathing, or anything else that relaxes and distracts you.
To Aunt DeeDee: What a precious gift you are. Your honesty is beautiful and refreshing.
To Gram: I can only imagine the impact this is having on you, and I'm so thankful your faith is deep. You need comfort too, and I hope you're being loved on in tangible ways. You are definitely being prayed for!

My mom just gave me the following quote from Alan Redpath (never heard of him), and it really grabbed me. It's truth you already know, but it's good to be reminded sometimes:
"There is nothing--no circumstance, no trouble, no testing that can ever touch me until, first of all, it has come past God, past Christ, right through to me. If it has come that far, it has come with great purpose."
I'm praying your whole house is filled with only the sounds of sleep tonight, and that you each wake in the morning with renewed energy. Tomorrow is a new day!
Tiffani Gibbs

AJ said...

Good Morning Kate,Dave,Carter,Cole,Stewart,Soccer Gram and Aunt Dee Dee;

Kate, I trust you are resting up and getting more and more back into being yourself again. We here laughed when we found out about the house "zones". Im sure Aunt Dee Dee and Soccer Gram has been patroling them diligently. We are praying for a speedy recovery. Please keep us informed specifically over the type of treatments that you decide to use. I realize that it may be a week or two before the treatment issue becomes clearer. Dont worry too much about the stiches either.

Dave, I'll be praying that your return to work goes well and that you get caught up on issues there quickly.

The Boys; Aunt Melissa, Joey and I will be back in the next couple weeks for Thanksgiving. Be good for Soccer Gram and give Aunt Dee Dee plenty of trouble. Aunt Dee Dee may get bored too easily and we want her to feel right at home otherwise. :)

Soccer Gram, hang in there and let us know how we can help you. You as always have been there to support all of us and we all love you.

and Aunt Dee Dee.... (deep breath, a sigh and a dramatic pause here)... So you got traffic stopped and told the officer that the Wheatgrass shake would oxidize if you didnt get there soon... I dont believe Ive ever heard that excuse. Maybe someone else has so I'll check with the other deputies, the highway patrol troopers, the state water patrol, the conservation agents and maybe the sheriff maybe they have heard that one before ... professional advise to you is 1. slow down and 2.try to refrain from using the word "grass" around the west county "Po Po".

Love to all ya'll

Anonymous said...

Kate - Is it today that you are getting the staples out? I got to witness head staples being removed from my mother-in-law many years back, and frankly I think watching was worse than having it done to you. My mother-in-law said it was uncomfortable but not painful - I mean, having stitches removed gives you an unusual feeling, but not a pain. The kids and I have been praying for you. Daniel is not sure he knows who Carter is, even after showing him a photo, but that is just Daniel - when his cousins visited we heard him say, "Come downstairs with me, ah, what was your name again?"

By the way, such a God thing that Jeff saw you and Dave and the boys at the Cardinals rally. He came home and we spent some time trying to figure out for sure who he was talking about. After all, I haven't seen you in awhile and he was talking about a lady with dark shoulder length hair and 2 boys, and I was thinking of Kate as more like chin length hair and 3 boys. That FEFC picture directory is a life saver. All that to say, you had been in our thoughts and hearts even before all this started.

From one of your earlier postings I noted that you were concerned about how hard it would be not to do everything you are used to while you are recuperating. That is an area I am concentrating on in prayer for you, as it is a problem of my own. There are so many things we can fill our life with, and so few of them really matter. I pray you can be content as you heal and accept with grace the help from others. Life is not tit for tat. You have been a blessing and help to many, Kate, now is your turn for that humbling, and yet love-filled, position. Bask in the joy of being loved greatly!

In Christ - Amelia Schultz