Sunday, November 05, 2006

This is why I need YOU!

A friend from Colorado phoned yesterday. What an encouragement to my heart. Please read what she emailed me in response to the call. This is why I need the body of Christ. - Kate

Here are my thoughts on Exodus 17 that I shared with you this afternoon, as Kevin and Diane Hughes originally shared with me while I was going through my cancer journey that really spoke to my heart. In the story, the Israelites were traveling towards their promised land and were at a place of rest (literally, that is what Rephidim means) when the Amalekites attacked them. Moses told Joshua to go into battle against them in the valley, while Moses - who was getting along in years - went up onto a mountain to pray to God. So Moses lifted up his hands to God, and as long as his hands were lifted up the Israelites were winning the battle. However, when Moses grew weary and his hands fell, then the Israelites would start to lose ground against their enemy. Seeing this, Aaron and Hur, who were with Moses on the mountain side, took a stone to put under Moses and then stood on each side of him to help hold his hands up. In this way, the Israelites won the battle.

In many ways, that is what your current trial is like, Kate. Sometimes you will have the strength to pray and give praise to the Lord, and sometimes you'll be so weary and overwhelmed that all you can do is trust that others are on your mountain side, praying and helping you and your precious family when you cannot. It may feel like cheating, but its not - it is the way God intended it. What is interesting in the case of the Israelites' win is that Moses doesn't commemorate the win, but rather the fact that "hands were lifted up to the throne of the Lord" (Ex 17:16). God delights in hearing our prayers and seeing his church surrounding you with his tangible love and power!

So trust that our hands are lifted up to the great throne of our wonderful God, who cares intimately and deeply about you, your sweet husband and wonderful boys, dear friend...


Anonymous said...

Your Blogsite says it best...pray, cry. laugh, share....

I haven't seen you all in a while, but the body of Christ is stronger & deeper than "time"...I don't really know what to say, but Robert & I (and so many others) are praying for you all. We're lifting you up as His beloved daughter, our Sister in Christ, and as a friend.

Ih His Grip,
Sue (Aldrich) & Robert Stark

Laura Davis Joback said...

Kate: I'm at work and probably should be busy stamping out pestilence and saving lives in the greater Chesterfieldland area, but at the moment, there are no HBC's and no BDLD's (hit-by-car's and bigdoglittledog's [i.e.: dog fights]). I wanted to write to make you laugh and smile today, the day before your procedure. I thought about what to say when I was awake and thinking of you in the middle of the night last night. I wanted you to remember all of the fun times we had going to BSF together and having small group Bible Study together at WUWA. I remember Dave---how he was SOOOOO ga-ga over you when you two first met, it wasn't even funny! You were equally loopy over him, of course, ... it was all very cute! The girls that hung out with us always were so "Awwwwww" about Dave because he always carried a hankie in his pocket for any of us girls that were emotional or weepy (which seemed to happen often at that stage in our lives, for some reason)--we all felt him to be very gentlemanly and very galant. But then there was the other side of him that would imitate AceVentura, pet detective at the drop of the hat...kind of funny to ponder when we consider he's recently headed up a school board in an "oh so serious" role! Can you imagine him breaking out into: "Allrighteee,then!?" in the middle of a meeting? At first when he started hanging out w/ us girls, we thought he was just wanting to be "one of the gang," but his intentions quickly became very was ALL about Kate!! :) (And why whould we be surprised) Did you readers know that as he was falling deeper and deeper in love with Kate that he kept a running list of the things he adored about her? When the list was nearing # ONE HUNDRED, he knew that she must be "the one" for him. Did you know that he READ her that list from #100 down to #1 to tell her how much he loved her the night he proposed? The one that I remember that made me laugh was the one about some yellow miniskirt that Kate used to wear...must have been pretty memorable to make the list!! (....well Kate IN the miniskirt, of course, not the miniskirt itself!) Kate, I remember the wedding shower we threw you at the house, and that my Mom was OH-SO-PROUD of herself that she gave you a black nightgown as a gift that turned out to be Dave's favorite! She felt that her selection upgraded her from a fuddy-duddy older-than-middle-aged mom! I remember how radiant you were on your wedding day. Memories came to me about how you decorated the nursery for Carter with plaid and teddy bears. And your LAUGH! How contagious, how from-your-gut, how wonderful to be around you and the joy that so easily overflows! I remember how much of a servant you were to me when Isaac was born and I had trouble nursing. You came over at 6:00 in the morning within 10 - 15 minutes of my distress call to your home! You helped me, encouraged me, and came back later in the day with Boston Market! What a gift you are to me, to your boys, to your husband, and to all that know you! Now that the second of our progeny is here and I am, again, perpetually nursing in the middle of the night, my awake times have been spent praying for YOU and for your family...for courage, for healing, for wisdom for Dr. Forget, and for God to be glorified. How? I have no idea. That's why I'm the human and he's God. I see from beneath the tapestry what he sees from above...I see the knots and the strings spanning from side to side of the tapestry...He sees the full picture looking from HIS view (the top side of the tapestry)that is glorious with strands of gold and silver and beauty throughout. I wish we could see that perspective now, the eve before "IT" (whatever that is) all begins. But, unfortunately, we cannot. We must wait for the story to unfold as the tapestry is stiched, knot by knot, color by color, image by image. And we, your friends, will be here with you...encouraging you, praying for you, and loving you! You are a joy to me and I love you DEARLY! Praying for you!
Laura Davis Joback

Susan and Todd Peterson said...

Emily called to tell us what has transpired the past few days. The Lord wakes me up thinking about you to pray for you. Our small group prayed together for you and your family tonight. I don't know a lot, but I know He is near to the broken hearted, and I know that He loves you more than you can imagine. May you and your family know His presence now more than ever before.
All our love and prayers,
Susan and Todd Peterson

Anonymous said...

Kate the great memories that Laura wrote about your courtship with DAve, brings back such happiness and joyful memories of "back in the day":) Getting that incredible phone tracked me down at work!!! to tell me the incredible news that Dave had proposed to you!! We laughed and cried together right there in Dollar General!!

Then when ya'll moved into that great first house. What a sweet blessing God was to the two of you. You were pregnant and so beautifully radiant. You glowed with the Lord's blessings:)

Oh, my darling friend God is so good!! I love you so much and am praying without ceasing today, tomorrow, every day to come...
Marnie and family