Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Houston Here we Come!

It is now set . . . Our appointment is with Dr. Yung on the morning of December 5. I am delighted to have Dr. Yung. He is very hard to get in to see. He usually schedules at least 3 weeks out! Yippeee! They also said to plan on staying at least 3 days. We might have other specialist that Dr. Yung wants us to see while we are there.

Thanks for praying. It really feels as if a load has been lifted having a confirmed appointment with MD Anderson.

OK now pray for

1. Details of our flight
2. Safety for our children while we are away
3. Wisdom for Dave & I in what questions to ask while at Houston
4. Discernment for Dr. Yung & staff
5. Rental car discount : ) (i like a good deal!)
6. All medical records - CD's of my MRI & CT scans to go through airport security safely. The CD's are like gold. Without them our appointment is a loss. We would have to cancel the appointment. They are most interested in the what is on the disc.

1. Our hotel is paid for!
2. Soccer Gram & Aunt Dee Dee holding down the fort
3. We can actually go this Saturday to cut down our tree as planned! It is always a fun family tradition. Carter & Cole love to help Dad cut it down. Such delight!
4. Dave is so supportive! He is going above & beyond the call of duty. He is my "research man" with all the cancer info.

Can't say thank you enough - Kate


andy said...

dave, make a couple copies of that cd. mail one to the hotel, one to anderson. Put one in your suitcase, one in your carry on and Kate, put one in your purse....

just to be on the safe side!

Praise the Lord for His many blessings!

andy king

Anonymous said...

WOW. I just looked up Dr. Yung. Apparently he's a brilliant doctor who has fought cancer personally, and is a Christian. Who could be more perfect for you?!

Of course, I'm sure you guys already know all of that, but I was blown away to read this article:

I'm so glad that you'll see him soon.

Christine Raquepaw

Anonymous said...

YEA! Praise God! I am once again brought to tears to see God answer specific prayers, and I'm breathing a sigh of relief to know that you feel that part of the load lifted.
Andy's suggestion is a great and important one--make copies! It will not only ensure you'll have them when needed, it will also give you extra peace of mind to have backups in case of problems in the airport.
I am praying now for your current requests and will wait expectantly to see what God's gonna do next!
Love, Tiffani Gibbs

Jennifer Schulte said...

Kate and Dave...God bless you both with all the ins and outs of the Houston trip. I am certain Gram and DeeDee will have everything with the boys very well taken care of. Kate, give them my number if I can be of assistance in ANY way!! I hope the two of you can have a bit of "enjoyment" time for yourselves while you are both certainly deserve that!!!! I wish you a safe journey with new perspecitves from Dr. Yung...and some special time for the two of you while you are away!! Take always you are all in my thoughts and prayers daily!! jen P.S. Great idea to make multiple copies of the CD!!

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord. I got to share with the kids tonight at dinner, the way the Lord answered the prayers to get you to Houston and how the hotel has been paid for. Amber said, "wow, was she an angel?" and Drew started crying because he misses you (just like their Momma's aren't they). God is so awesome. It is incredible to me to see God working PHYSICALLY in every aspect. Andy says call him if you NEED ANY HANDY MAN WORK...he'll be there in a flash.

Love you both, praying for ALL THE DETAILS
Marnie and Andy and Kids