Friday, November 10, 2006

It's Not the Big Kahuna

Our two oldest boys came up for a visit this afternoon. Singing to the tune "Mustang Sally" we have "Wheelchair Mama" pretending we have Luke (Kate's cousin) singing. Kate took each of the boys on a wheelchair ride in her lap with me pushing them along. They really enjoyed their special time with mom. But what they enjoyed even more was the huge basket of goodies in the room. Overall, it was a good visit.

Now, for the difficult news, actually it's good news, bad news. Dr. Forget was in for a visit this evening with the pathology report. Unfortunately, the tumor is cancerous, however, in Kate's words fortunately it's not the "big kahuna".

The pathology report shows the tumor is considered a mixed-glioma (low to mid grade), a combination of astrocytoma (astro) and oligodendroglioma (oligo) cancer cells, mostly oligo cells.

Also, the tumor is a primary brain tumor, meaning that it originated solely in the brain. Apparently, some tumors (secondary tumors) orginate elsewhere in the body (lungs, etc) and also in the brain. We are grateful it was primary.

Due to the presence of oligo cells, the tumor is being sent to Barnes Hospital for further tests to determine if it has gene mutation. If it does, there is a specific course of chemotherapy treatment, called Temodar, which is oral medication taken daily for 3-6 months. It is well tolerated by the body compared to other forms of chemotherapy.

We will know the results of the test by the end of next week. But regardless of the results, Kate will need, at a minimum, chemotherapy or radiation therapy, or a combination of the two to kill the remaining cancer cells.

We are very fortunate the tumor was not a glioblastoma, a high grade tumor that does not normally respond to standard treatments and the patient is told they have less than 2 years to live. Kate refers to this as the Big Kahuna.

We are still processing the news but are grateful the cancer should be treatable. Praise God.

We have a long road ahead of us but we know God will carry us every step of the way in His everlasting arms.

Please pray for us. We appreciate all of your support during this very difficult time.

Dave and Kate

P.S. Kate will be going home tomorrow from the hospital. We are waiting until then to talk with our children. We ask for wisdom to communicate this information.


The Lee's said...

Strength and Peace to both of you... We're praying for you and the family...

Steven & Cinda

andy said...

Praise God for a treatable cancer. isn't that odd to say? but it's true. as it says in James: 2-6

"Consider it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials,
knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance.

And let endurance have its perfect result, so that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.

But if any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all generously and without reproach, and it will be given to him.

But he must ask in faith without any doubting, for the one who doubts is like the surf of the sea, driven and tossed by the wind."

just as Job endured through sickness and held fast to his faith, so have you and so you will continue. this community is happy to be sitting with you.
prayers with your names in them must be ringing in our Lord's ears and oh how he enjoys it! Praise God for hearing us and for listening to us. Hallelujah!

the kings

Tim,Brenda, Matt,Gracie,Zach Simmons said...

We will continue to hold you all in our thoughts and fervent prayers..

Ramona Lisa said...

Greetings from Indiana--home of the real Hoosiers (who are very civilized, I might add). We are so thankful that the waiting is over and that you finally have the pathology report. Now we can all pray that the cancer is very treatable. Praise God that it's not the big Kahuna.

How delightful that the boys' visit went well. They must have been so happy to see their Mommy, and vice versa! I would have loved to see you all singing Mustang Sally in the wheelchair. Thank you so much for keeping us all posted. Our hearts go out to you.

Love and prayers,
Ramona (Wade and Liliana)

Laura Joback said...

THIS IS SO HUGE!!! What great news! (Not the malignant part [obviously], but the TREATABLE part!!) I'm smiling from ear to ear! Here's my availability for you for when you start mapping out the treatment protocol (radiation is sometimes a daily thing for a while)...I'm off on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so I can come over to your house and watch Stuart--it'll be a play date for him & Isaac. Let me know if that will help you out b/c I'm (very, very, very x 10 to the 9th) willing to do it! I love you dearly!!!

Anonymous said...

I think I'm becoming a blogaholic too. I check this site all the time, and think of you every minute. We will continue to lift you up to the Lord in prayer - each and every moment you're brought to my mind. I'm glad it's not the Big Kahuna!
-susan schilling

Anonymous said...

God's grace is sufficient. His strength is made perfect in our weakness.
I rejoice with the news of knowledge and treatment and continue to pray for peace and strength, physical and spiritual.
I will talk with the "childcare coordinator" but know I am very happy to have Stuart during the day - I still owe you for having both of my boys in September. It was so good to see you yesterday. It's funny how the comforter (me) was comforted by you. Love to you.

Isaac Joback said...

OK: I know I was just on here like 10 seconds ago, but I HAVE to tell you what just happened...I had just come out of the office, having read the update about the histopathology on your mass...I was getting Isaac dried off from his bath and hadn't said a word at ALL about you to him! He looked at my face, lay his hand on mine and said, "Don't worry Mommy. There must be a reason. It'll be OK!" I was stunned! He's only three! And not three-as-in-almost-turning-four! He just turned three 2 months ago! He certainly has a special place in his heart for you, and he's blessing ME at the same time! Hope his tiny baby faith made you smile. It humbles me and reminds me that MY faith should be so simple, as well. Hugs tonight to you both. Laura (again)...sorry!

Anonymous said...

Dear Kate and Dave,

I hope you can both get a decent night's rest tonight and the trip home tomorrow is uneventful. Praying for peace and wisdom for you. Now I know why our small group studied James way back when. God was preparing us all for such a time as this.

Love to you,

Patty (and Jimmy, Hannah & Holleigh)

Marilyn McDonald said...

Dear Kate--
God is here in all that happens to you...
1. Nothing will ever happen to you that God does not already know about (Ps. 139:4,16)
2. Nothing will ever happen to you that is a mistake (Ps. 139:4, 16)
3. Nothing will ever happen to you that you cannot handle by God's power and grace (2 Cor. 12:9-10)
4. Nothing will ever happen to you that will not eventually be used by God for some good purpose in your life (Rom 8:28-29)
5. Nothing will ever happen to you apart from God's presence (Matt 28:20)
This has been written in the back of my Bible for years--I don't even remember where I got it--but it was there for you, today.

Anonymous said...

We have been reading your blog on a daily basis and following Kate's progress closely. We are SO happy to hear that it is NOT the Big Kahuna!!!

We want you to know that the neighborhood has not been the same without seeing Kate's smiling face and contagious laughter outside while watching the boys bike, skateboard, and run around. Alex misses saying hi to his "Miss Cake".

May God continue to lift you up through these trying times as you battle this beatable cancer. The strength, courage, and love that you have displayed both individually and as a family is a true inspiration to us. Each of you are in our constant prayers.

In God's Love,
Dawn & George Kim

pammymueller said...

Dave and Kate,

You are safe in the hands of the LORD your God...'bound securely in the bundle of the living' as I Samuel says. We are thankful for these optimistic results and we will continue to pray you through these next steps. God has already gone ahead of you, blazing the path, and He will gently carry you along that path. What a relief that He is already there.

Pam & Jeff Mueller
Ballwin, MO (that was for Grams :o))

Julie Frizzell said...

I'm glad to hear you finally received the report...another answer to prayer.

Good night, Kate...
You & the guys continue to be in our prayers.

Love, Julie

JohnnyB said...

Kate (and Dave) - Your high spirits, joyful heart and funny jokes were a real blessing to us. It is so clear that God has given you the peace that passes OUR understanding. Our visit this evening was a joy for both of us, and we are so thankful that God continues to bless you and watch over both of you, as well as your entire family. Our prayers for your transition to home (if it has to happen) and our prayers that God will continue show His love and comfort to all of you as continue to seek His grace in all you go through.
John and Julie

Anonymous said...

Praising God with you! Can you imagine not being in His care at this moment? Kate, it is okay to hide, but instead of under the covers, remember He offers the shadow of His wing.

Deb Drissell

Anonymous said...

We are sure praying for you all. Our boys are faithfully praying for your boys. We love you guys.
Love, The Medlocks

aj said...

Kate and Dave,
Just wanted to let you both know how much we love you both. We are relieved that more is known now and that treatments are available.
If we can help let us know.

Love AJ and Melissa

Anonymous said...

We're praying for you and your family, and for the doctors who are treating you Kate.
Jonathon & Virginia Medlock
(Jon's parents)

Anonymous said...

Dear Kate and Dave,
I am so glad you finally know the results, and I'm very thankful that it's not a glio--praise God! If I'm honest though, I finished reading your post and wept. My heart is heavy for you as you absorb the information, await the results from Barnes-Jewish, and ESPECIALLY as you anticipate sharing the news with your boys. (I automatically imagine being in your shoes and having to tell Cooper such news) As parents, we want to protect our children from pain and worry, yet they need to know what's happening. How do you balance telling them enough that they understand, but not more than they can/should handle?
I know the answer is to ask God for wisdom, decide before you talk with them what you are going to say (that also will help you feel more in control of your emotions), and choose to trust God with their hearts, knowing that He has gone before you to prepare your boys, just as He has you two. I love the promises stated above in Marilyn M's post--they apply to your precious boys, too!
Kate, I'm wondering if you're feeling a bit apprehensive about leaving the hospital (it would be very normal, if so). Don't be surprised if you are emotional tomorrow. You've been through a major event, you have important information to process, and your mother's heart is likely MOST concerned about your children's well-being. (also, there is security in knowing that hospital staff are immediately accessible if you need them) That is a LOT to handle all at once, so give yourself permission to feel it and let it out. I know you don't normally have a hard time expressing your feelings, but don't let this be a time when you think you have to protect those around you from seeing you struggle. Maybe I'm off the mark with all this, but I love you and don't want you to be caught off gaurd.
My immediate prayers for you both are that you will experience God's peace more deeply than ever before, and that you'll get great sleep tonight. I will be praying for your return home and for an easy transition back to homelife for your family (with continued support from family and friends). Sorry this is so long!
Love you! Tiffani Gibbs

Grandma said...

The long wait is over. Sometimes Grandma's also need a little TLC. It came from Ruth Ann Brown of Augusta MO yesterday when she sang me the old hymn. On Christ the solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand.
I should have known you would use the day of pathology reports to sing mustang sally to the boys. Big Kahuna INDEED. Where do you come up with these things girl?
I am sure Aunt Dee Dee will give her own report since she now thinks she has a solid following of people watching her aunthood reports. She is right, it takes more then one of us to make a feeble attempt at filling mommy's shoes. It's a good thing you are coming home today since yesterday Stuart kept looking at me like "Where have you put her"
I apologize for the spelling mistake in the report on Laura J's bag of tricks. I said bag of ticks. Dee Dee says she will overlook it this time since I was weary and tired. but anymore mistakes and I will be doing spelling with her Carter and Cole at the kitchen table. Alas Aunt Dee Dee is a hard task master.
I have no doubt Kate that your will of iron shall press you on to the next step you must take. I am so thankful to Our Lord that it was not the Big Kahuna.
P.S. Today is Aunt Dee Dee and I big social event of the week. Soccer day. I'm all ready to visit with the soccer moms.
Soccer gram signing off.

The Fromke's said...

We're still praying, we won't stop. Will pray for smooth transition to home, with boys, etc . . . You two are an inspiration - I see God's grace in everything you post on this blog. I consider it a joy to walk with you (from afar) through this trial.
Jon and Jenn

Anonymous said...

We'll keep remembering you in prayer.


Anonymous said...

Hi to youall, We are praying for you all! Thanks for these updates. The journey that you are taking has an awsome navigator, Our Lord. He has a purpose for this all and has shown His mercy and love to you throughout these events. We pray for your boys and their understanding to this and that these events will teach them to Love Jesus even more as they see the healing process and the care given to you all. We pray for Dave's continued strength and understanding Please read Rm 8 Our Lord will protect you in all things. Kate we love you and will continue to hold you and your family, in our prayers. Sandy We Love you and you too are in our prayers as you help in so many ways to minister to your family. Thank you for allowing Kate to leave your nest as an arrow sent by God our Father. Dave and Kate thank you for teaching your boys of the Love of Jesus. Kate rest in Him as you are going through this healing process. We Love you but God our Father Loves you more. You are in our daily prayers for healing and recovery. Lou and Pat Gettings

Anonymous said...

Hello from Columbia, Missouri
At 5:30 am our puppy(Yul) started whining which led our older dog to a barking. Abbey(16) spent the night at a friend's house last night. You see, the puppy sleeps with her in her bed. So last night we played musical beds. Mitch slept in Abbey's bed and Yul(named after Yul Brenner/King and I)slept in our bed with me and Grandpa did not sleep in any bed!. So I got up and took Yul outside to do his duty( he did both/good boy!!) While outside I noticed the temperature at 32 degrees( Mitch bought a big thermometer for Grandpa and mounted it outside the basement door last night). Grandpa likes to know the outside temperature at all times. When Yul and I came in from outside, Grandpa was there wide eyed and asked what the temperature was and I told him. I did his eye drops since I was now fully awake and since he had his teeth in, I did not need to scrub them at this time. I came upstairs and fell into bed, but the puppy was now wanting to play. So, no more sleeping for now! But I WILL get a nap in sometime today, won't I? Next time the puppy wants to play I'm sending him down to the dungeon with Grandpa. Oh I forgot to tell you yesterday Grandpa did go get our mail for me and while he was outside I noticed he still had on his flannel pj pants. I was horrified at first thinking, "What will the neighbors think" then I chuckled and thought oh what the heck. He's 87. I won't pick this as a battle!
Kate I'm so thankful this tumor was a primary tumor and can be treated. Isn't God good! Still a prayin for you guys from mid Missouri. We love you guys a lot!

Sleep Deprived Mary Jo

P.S. From Mitch: One of the BIG benefits of having grandpa J staying with us for awhile, is (and Soccer Gram Oma will appreciate this), it provides an opportunity for MJ to be converted to an early riser. You see, getting up early is not on her "to do" list. Also, Grandpa's visit brings about improved dinner fare. No more, "I don't have any idea what we're going to eat" at 5:30 pm, followed by, "I guess we can always make some frozen pizza, AGAIN." Anyway, we are thankful it was not the "Big Kahuna".

Signing off from Columbia, MO, Having more fun than a human being should be allowed to have and doing better than we deserve.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kate, Although I do not know you well, the more I read your blog, the more I admire you. I pray for the time you will tell your precious children the news. I rejoice that the diagnosis is not "the bad one" and pray that the children see it that way, too. May God give you all the peace that passes all understanding as He holds you in His grip. Jane Yount

the Brasovs said...

Dave and Kate,

Our hearts are so heavy to hear that the tumor is cancerous, yet we are also so thankful to hear that it is treatable...what a huge answer to prayer! I remember getting the "C" (cancer) diagnosis and all the emotions that followed...relief in finally knowing what you're dealing with; fear of the unknown; worry about how this will affect your family and future; joy in experiencing the Lord's presence like never before. It was hard for me to process the sharp emotional swings between thankfulness/contentment/relief and fear/worry/sadness; I suspect that it may be the same with you. We will be praying specifically that God would be found faithful and fully present to each of you - boys included! - in this next stage of your journey.

Much love, Laura and the boys

Rita said...

Hi, Kate & Dave
Since the last time you heard
from me I landed in the hospital
myself.Its funny how God works. But
we are always in good hands. I am at home and doing fine. I had some
minor stuff going on. I dont want get into that.Kate I am so glad to see that you are home. I have to tell you that reading yor messages & verses is a true blessing& fullfilment for me. The two of you are truely a blessing. Even in the mist of it all! You mannage to put a smile on my face. Kate you are a trooper[smile]. Your Faith in God will take you far. And look at God he gave you a God Filled husband as well. You know he is a Almighty
God, Look What The Lord Has Done. You Guys & Your Family Are Always
In Our Prayers. Love , Rita