Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Maintaining privacy on the blog

We are concerned for your privacy (and ours). This blog has become such a worldwide phenomenon that we don't want any information falling into the wrong hands. Therefore, we are going to delete sensitive information from blog postings and comments such as phone numbers, addresses, etc. Due to this, some comments may need to be deleted altogether.

Rest assured, the blog will still be here, just a little more sanitized for everyone's protection.

Also, when you post future comments make sure you do not include your phone number or address.




Anonymous said...

Dear Dave and Kate! How like you to be concerned about others during this challenging time in your own lives! I am constantly reminded of you each whenever I read the blog entries and comments. (I will confess...I am Mary Lou and I too am addicted to blogging! is the rest of my family.)

Dacia Grace continues to pray for Miss Kate's owie even though she has never met you. She understands that Miss Kate and Mr Dave are friends of Mommy's when she was "little"...i.e. younger.

The support that we provide is on our knees before the only One who can truly supply all your needs according to His riches in glory! Rest assured that you are prayed for daily, hourly and sometimes moment by moment by our family and some of my close friends here in Portland, Oregon.

Kate, when you are well and you want to play with your boys in the rain....come on out to Portland and to the Oregon coast. Playing in the rain is a daily occurence here! LOL!

Mary Lou (Zook) Hom
Portland, OR

The Jobacks said...

Hey, guys...thought of a verse that might give you some comfort going into the Great Staple Removal
Jamboree...Colossians 3:17 says, "He is before all things, and in Him ALL things hold together." That means, Kate, that once the offending stainless steel barbs are removed, your incision will, in fact (as the verse says) "hold together!!!" No gray and white matter in a big pile of goo on the Dr's office floor....well, really, gray and white matter is really more like "GAK" than "goo," but that's truly splitting hairs. I'm typing this one-handed b/d baby Eli is on my lap. He just spit up an astounding-looking contribution on my lap down my left arm, so I must bolt. This may be my shortest comment yet! Oh, that I would continue that trend for the sake of Mike's poor tired, worn-out ears. "Short comment" is an oxymoron when it comes to me! But that's no news to you...(sigh) Hugs to you all!
The Jobacks