Friday, November 10, 2006

Doctor Visits

We had three doctor visits this morning, all in rapid fire succession.

Dr. Sanders, our primary care physician, dropped by for a friendly hello and to see how Kate was doing.

Dr. White, Kate's hematologist, also dropped by to say hello and to let her know she would need to see him for a follow-up in a week or so.

Finally, Dr. Forget made his visit to check up on Kate and let her know that she can go off of the blood thinner medication. Kate was especially glad to hear this because she has been having this given to her in shots in the stomach (ouch!) a couple times a day. Her stomach has the bruises to prove it.

When asked if she was ready to go home today, Kate replied, "I don't think so, I'll hide under the covers". (I think Dr. Forget was testing the waters)

Also, Dr. Forget says that Kate will have her staples (zipper) removed in about a week.

No news on the pathology report yet.

Waiting Patiently and Peacefully,

Dave (and Kate)


Anonymous said...

Kate and Dave,

Your strength is amazing. I read your notes several times a day and it is encouraging me at a time where we should be encouraging you. We are praying for news on the pathology report soon. God's timing is always perfect.

In Christ,

Melenie Broyles

Dana Wilkins said...

Hi Kate and Dave,
I have been diligently reading all of your postings since I heard the news at the beginning of the week. ALL of your postings have been such an inspiration, blessing and example of what FAITH should "look" like. Even through this difficulty and the unknown, you have managed to communicate humor, joy, and peace. What a wonderful lesson for all of us. I esp. love the accounts of your precious boys and how they are holding tight to God and His promises. Know that you are in my prayers daily.
Your "old" Tuesday Morning childcare coworker,
Dana Wilkins

(Yet again) the Jobacks said...

Here with you in spirit, mah de-ah!!!Sounds like you had the whirlwind of "those with doctorates" this AM...glad you have peace!!! I asked Isaac on the way to school what he wanted me to tell you when I wrote to you on the computer this morning. He told me to tell you "It'll be OK!" Then I asked, "What else should I tell her?" His reply: "Tell her about Jesus." My eyes welled so full I could barely drive! I always write about what Isaac says & nothing about Elijah b/c Elijah's only 5 months old. He says: "Glub." Truly, I feel there are NO internal organs in a 5 month old. If one were to examine him surgically, they would find from the cranium, down the neck, into the thorax, abdomen, and distally into the extremities: a large and VERY active gland of drool. It's been a bit damp here this AM in our household...teething, I think! And, poor Mike, I'm afraid, has been drug into my newly acquired OCD and is, also, checking the blog quite frequently. I think we've become enablers and somewhat co-dependent about the blog, calling each other to make sure the most recent posting is known by both of us. Some would say, "It's all about you, Kate." But YOU know: It's all about HIM! Lifting you up! The Jobacks

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,
It's Amanda, from your awesome trivia night table at Covenant, back in Feb (I think). I know we do not know each other well, but we had fun that night and I just heard about your news on Sunday during church. This blog is a great way to keep everyone up to date. Also, I am praying for you and your family a LOT. I am encouraged by how well you seem to be doing only days after your surgery! Your support system/ family are incredible! You and your faith are an encouragement to us all!

Anonymous said...

Kate & Dave,

Wow, you've been in such a whirlwind of events. I'm so sorry that this has been put in your path but am praising God that YOU are praising God!!!

Kate, your personality just comes through these posts so clearly - your positive attitude, your humor, your love for your kids and most importantly, your love for your Lord. It makes me think of when Mordecai says to Esther, "Who knows but that you have been raised up for such a time as this." You are such a testimony of faith that is evident to all that come in your path right now!

Please know you are thought of and prayed for often throughout the day...
Susan Andrews

the Brasovs said...

Dave and Kate,

The boys and I just prayed for you and your boys - the pictures on the blog help to make it real to them. Tristan asked God specifically to look after Stuart, that he wouldn't be aware of his mommy's "head hurts" :) Thought that would make you smile!


Anonymous said...

Kate and Dave-
The Lord brings you and your family to mind so often during my day- My response to this prompting is to pray- This is what I have prayed for you this morning!

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. Share with God's people who are in need. Practice hospitality. Romans 12:12-13

I imagine that you are host and hostess to a great number of people that come in and out of your room all day and night- what an opportunity to let your light shine with God's people who are in need of a Savior. Kate, you have always had the gift of hospitality-you have opened your home joyfully- Remember the Christmas brunches for the Tuesday morning childcare ladies? You are now on the receiving end of hospitality as you recover- that too is a joy!
Praying for your peace as you wait on the path report. Rest in Him!
Love in Christ- Jen Peskorse (Ballwin, MO)

Anonymous said...

Dear Dave & Kate,
I spoke with Kathy last night and updated her on your good progress and encouraged her to try the Blog at the library or with the help of one of her friends. (She's already read 8 pages from a print out).
You all are keeping a place in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for the blog as it's wonderful being able to keep in touch while at work.
Love and hugs,
Carol (Grammy)

Anonymous said...

Salutations from Columbia,Missouri
Good morning Kate and Dave,
As I was putting in Grandpa's eye drops and cleaning his dentures at 6am this morning I was lifting you all up in prayer. As predicted Grandpa was up most of the night. I tell you I am not getting ANYTHING accomplished this week because I and Grandpa are addicted to this "blob" site. And I just now noticed Yul (our puppy) sleeping on Grandpa in Grandpa's recliner. I also heard Grandpa singing. Grandpa is enjoying Eric's presidents placemat. He gives us facts about each one. He even noticed(he has an eye for detail) that each president did not smile until John F. Kennedy. When I type to you if I can't spell a word he rattles it off for me. He is even reminding ME "Don't I get some medicine or eyedrops now". He is keeping me "on track" Oh, for lunch today, he had beef stew, fried apples,biscuit,pudding and milk. Oh Sandy, Joseph says he will do a lot of things but he doesn't want to touch those dentures!!!
Lots of hugs and kisses
Grandpa and Mary Jo Friday 11/10

Anonymous said...

Dear Kate & Dave,

I have now joined the blogging community! I have breakfast with a friend on Friday mornings and wanted you to know after we finished eating today, we went out to his truck a prayed for both of you and your family. You are both on my mind throughout the day.

Keep The Faith,


aunt dee dee said...

to joseph magoffin:

i feel your pain. i don't want to touch diapers and you don't want to touch dentures. i had to compromise with the toddler, maybe you should make a compromise with your elder.

mary jo and the columbia crowd: keep the comments rolling. mom and i and melissa were all laughing at yesterday's post.

JEN said...


Laurel said...

Hi Dave and Kate,
I've been reading regularly and praying for you. God is so good, and His grace to and through you is amazing to watch.

"And though you have not seen Him, you love Him, and though you do not see Him now, but believe in Him, you greatly rejoice with joy inexpressible and full of glory"
I Pt 1.8

Anonymous said...

Dave and Katie --
I am new at 'blogging'... have written 3 times but perhaps now that I have talked with your mom, Katie, this will get through.
Katie, here are words from a hymn you sang as a child to refresh you today...
'My Hope is built on nothing less than Jesus blood and righteousness; I dare not trust the sweetest frame, but wholly lean on Jesus' Name.
When darness veils His lovely face, I rest on His unchanging grace; In every high and stormy gale, my Anchor holds within the veil.
On Christ the solid Rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand; all other ground is sinking sand."

Thank you for sharing your heart and insights through this season of your life. Sometimes in the deepest valleys our Lord gives the richest truths.

Our prayers are with you through each day! Vic and Ruth Ann Brown

Tonya Cotton said...

Kate & Dave,

I just wanted to try to express the number of people praying on your behalf -- HUNDREDS!!!

Thank you for your honesty and openness during all this . . . I also appreciate your specific prayer requests. [ As you can see via the Clementines example, God is seeing to every single need (craving) you have! ]

Your friendship is SO VALUABLE in the lives of Mike & Laura. They're in prayer for you so, so fervently.

I'd like to share a verse with you before I go:

"Blessed is God, Israel's God,
always, always, always.
Yes. Yes. Yes."
PSALM 41:13 from The Message

Meredith Heintz said...

Dave and Kate,

Today I am going to start with some encouragement to Aunt Dee Dee...First and foremost you are amazing! Keep up the good work...I can only imagine how exhausted you are. When God blesses you with your own family, you will be very well prepared. When I had my first baby, I wondered how I could get it all done...When I had my second baby..I wondered what all the fuss was about with only having one...because 2 was really a challenge....when I had 3 I wondered why I thought 2 was tough, because 3 was a REAL challenge and when I had 4...OKAY THAT DIDN'T HAPPEN...

You have been blessed immediately with the care of 3 and the immediate exhaustion of caring for all 3... I want you to know that you to are in my prayers....Keep smiling and KEEP THE FAITH!

Now for Dave and Kate, When I drive the children to school every morning we try to have a time of prayer and devotion. My first born, Hannah, this morning turned to today's devotion and I want to share it with you. This is found in the DAY BY DAY children's devotion by Betty Free.... It reads (and I quote all of this)



Psalm 121: 5 The Lord protects you as the shade protects you from the sun.

Have you ever sat under a big tree on a hot day? The shade from the tree protects you from getting hot and sunburned, doesn't it? The Bible says that the Lord (another name for God) protects you the way shade does. He keeps you safe from bad things. He doesn't let anything bad happen to you that he can't help you with.

(and it closes with this prayer...)

DEAR LORD, thank you for protecting me. I feel safe with you, just like I do when I sit under a big tree. AMEN

May God continue to shade you as you continue this difficult time through the forest and know that many young 'oaks' are praying for your whole family and caregivers.


Anonymous said...

Kate and Dave,

Just finished reading your blog...and wanted you to know you are in my thoughts and prayers as you go through this. I am so happy all is going well and praise God for his good gifts.

Much love, Amy VanEssendelft

Aimee Wiggers Kuzemka said...

Good afternoon Kate and Dave-
Just finished catching up on today's blogs. I loved my sister's devo that she shared. Couldn't be more appropiate for todays waits. Glad to hear that Kate has peace while waiting today.
Love you both.
You remain in our prayers.
Aimee Wiggers Kuzemka

The Bakers said...

Aunt Dee Dee - Hang in there! Sounds like your doing a great job! It's amazing how God is working on all of us during this time, not just Kate and Dave. From a parental persepective - it's so refreshing to hear a non-parent speak of the...shall we say...enjoyable hardships we learn as parents. No has to mean no, not maybe (I had to laugh, I've been at this parenting thing for 6 years and still don't have it down pat.) Kate and Dave - I am so thankful you're sharing this with us. Allowing us to move, breathe and grow in the body of Christ is incredible. I have been praying for you guys, crying at the sincerity and honesty of both your posts - the authenticity is great. I too have been amazed at my little ones faith as they pray for you too. Even though Macy still snickers a little when we pray for Mr. & Mrs. Snodgrass. I guess it's okay. When we prayed for the Brasov's it always came out Mr. & Mrs. Grasshopper. Gotta love the kids point of view - but even more it makes you aware that God knows us each by name, even if we don't. And - He certainly has a sense of humor...
Love to you!

Anonymous said...

Dear Kate & Chuck!!
Rick has been kind enough to forward your news to me. The girls and I just want you to know you are now in our prayers. Miss seeing you Kate! Even though it was only once a year! Yes Chuck-I miss seeing you also!

When all this is over we will need to catch up on all the goings on in our lives! Lauren and Clair are no longer my cute little babies but rather my sometimes cute pre teeners!

I applaude you in your positive outlook on your situation. Know at times it must be tough. And yes, God is a good God and will see you through.

aunt dee dee said...

thank you meredith and tabatha for the insight. i've adopted a new policy, it's called WWKDD, short for What Would Kate and Dave Do. when cole got out of bed for the third night in a row, i was frustrated needlesstosay, and i wanted to take my frustration out on him. but then, i took a deep breath and thought WWKDD. i took cole up to his room and explained to him that he should only come out for two reasons: bathroom, or emergency (or a bad dream). and then i hugged him and told him goodnight.

thanks to emily williams, i've decided to make a chart with two columns: nights for when cole gets out of bed, and nights when he doesn't. for the latter he will get a star. and for extra motivation, his mom will be reviewing this chart every week. if he gets a week's worth of stars he will get a reward.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kate!!!!!

I think it has been a long week for lots of us. I am so glad it is Friday!

I'm so glad you got those clementines! What a cool blessing.

Well, it's been raining up here all afternoon. Specifically, around 3 pm, when I had to walk about 10 minutes to get to my car since I didn't get a parking pass. Well, it really started pouring as we were leaving the school. My 2 friends and I got DRENCHED! I was literally dripping as I walked into my office job. All the real estate agents were like, OH MY, What happened?!?! :) Lukily my friends and I just looked at each other and laughed. It was another wonderful friendship memory made!

My prayers and thoughts are always with you........

love much abbey

Anonymous said...

Kate and Dave,
Your strong marriage and faith in God is such a refreshing picture during this uncertain time. Thank you for your testimony and encouragement. Isn't God funny how he works in the body of Christ during these kind of circumstances. We too read and pray daily for you before even remembering we have our own email to check.... Keep taking care of eachother....Tom and April Curtis

Anonymous said...

Dear Kate,
A couple of my friends have been keeping me well informed from the info on your web site. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you and I am so happy that you are now home. I know that God is watching closely over you to help you have a speedy recovery, because God is great and God is good. All my Love, Mom/Kathy/MeMa