Thursday, November 09, 2006

Patience is a virtue

Kate had an eventful afternoon today, I took her on a wheelchair ride to the outside courtyard area. She enjoyed the nice, warm refreshing weather. Then, she walked back to her room holding onto the wheelchair.

Then she went down for a follow-up MRI. She was worried about the staples holding together her wound, that they might be magnetic and interfere with the MRI (which uses high-powered magnets). I told her that I was pretty sure they were not (and indeed they weren't).

Dr. Forget just came in for a visit to let us know that he still did not have the pathology report but that it would definitely be ready by tomorrow. Also, he said the MRI showed that all of the tumor had been completely removed. Praise God for this!

Finally, Kate has been complaining of hearing snap, crackle, and popping noises constantly in her right ear. Dr. Forget said it was completely normal and it is due to fluid and air pockets from the wound site.

Kate is getting ready for dinner although she has not had much of an appetite (she doesn't like the hospital food very much). Dr. Forget said she could eat whatever she wanted (he suggested steak or pizza). A nice steak dinner does sound delicious, though I doubt Kate would enjoy it. Actually, the only food she is craving are Clementines (this is an orange colored fruit similar to a tangerine). Please pray that her appetite would improve.

After dinner, Kate is going to enjoy a nice pedicure and foot spa treatment (thanks Laura). Hopefully, this will calm her so she can have a good night's sleep (me too).


Dave (and Kate)


noel and nicole hauser said...

Praise God that the tumor was removed completely! We will be praying without ceasing for good results tomorrow. And praying that you are able to get some very restful sleep. Kate, enjoy your pampering. What a sweet way to serve, Laura. Reminds me of the sermon last Sunday (you can fill Kate in). We will be optimistically awaiting an update tomorrow!
In HIS grasp! (Isn't that so evident?!)

Tim and Brenda Simmons said...

We have been thinking and praying for you both since we heard the news.
As I took out the trash tonight, I looked up at the sky and thought what an Awesome God we serve!
Although we are physically far away from you (Richmond, VA), through intercessory prayer we are all bonded together through Christ.
Thank you for allowing all of us to share this journey with you. Know that you are never alone.
Tim, Brenda, Matt, Gracie and Zach Simmons
Richmond, VA.

Lisa Mann said...

Dear Kate & Dave,
I just heard about all of this yesterday! Just wanted to let you know that the girls and I are lifting you up. So glad to hear they got it all. Thanks so much for keeping us updated via the blog. Praying that you will feel His presence and His arms around you every minute. Sending you many many prayers and hugs. We love you and miss you!
In Him,
Lisa Mann

Marilyn McDonald said...

Kate and Dave,
This blog has become the talk of the (Christian) town! I was having lunch with a friend today and she asked me if I had seen it--we talked excitedly about the number of contributors, the quality of their encouragement, and the transparent sharing you were doing in your own posts. God is doing something totally amazing and unprecedented through this blog. A little ad hoc "body of Christ" has sprung up around you for just this time in your lives. I have been going through a discouraging time in my own life, but this blog has really lifted me. Praise the Lord for His creative work!