Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Post-op Visit

I finally had the opportunity to visit Kate in the post-op recovery room. She is awake and coherent and even looks pretty good (for someone that just had brain surgery). I told her that an unbelievable number of people were praying for her and that we had received about 100 comments on the blog today offering words of encouragement and support. She had a tearful look on her face when I said this.

We do have a specific prayer request. Kate is supposed to go to ICU tonight but unfortunately they have run out of ICU rooms. She will stay in the post-op recovery room for the night if one does not open up. The post-op recovery area is noisy and crowded (20 beds in one room). In order to rest, Kate really needs some peace and quiet that only an ICU room can offer. Please pray that one of these rooms opens up soon.

Blessings in Christ,



Anonymous said...

We will pray..

things are going to get better in every way you will see..slowly but surely. We care very much.

Bill & Kim Endraske said...

Kate & Dave,

We have been praying for you. We heard about the surgery through my sister, Lori Snell.

You will continue to be in our prayers & praises!

With LOVE from Memphis,

Bill (& Kim) Endraske

aunt dee dee said...

report from the homefront: the fort is holding up. the boys are doing fine--their usual playful selves. they tried to play a trick on me by knocking on the walls: i got up twice to check the doors when i finally realized they were snickering from the top of the stairs.

grandma and myself just put all three down for bed--it takes two people, if not ten. i took stuart, who happened to pick the longest storybooks to read, in addition to all the necessary sound effects, i.e. sheep baaing, cows mooing, chicken boocking. and grandma was left to her own demises with the older two boys.

i really don't know how any of you parents do it (and this is only day one). i've grown used to the aunt position, the-play-with-them-until-one-gets-a-dirty-diaper role. this will be the true test in my auntship.

Anonymous said...

Kate and Dave: You don't know us, but I am Bill and Karen Krone's son in Iowa. We are praying for you and we ache for you. We went through a similar ordeal over the last year. God is good and he will bring you through. Psalm 103 was my comfort.
Todd and Jackie