Saturday, November 25, 2006

Stuart & Mommy's cold

Please pray for Stuart and myself, we are struggling with a cold & cough. It keeps both of us up at night. My cough wakes me up early as well.

Stuart is also teething, which for those of you who know about teething . . . it increases the drainage behind the throat. He was up for some time last night coughing. It was good to go in and hold him in the rocking chair. We were able to elevate his crib with telephone books. I think it worked. He slept.



The Bakers said...

My mind is reeling right now. I'm not even sure of what to say. Instead of following my mother's advice (which I have rarely done anyway lol) and not saying anything I feel compelled to write. I so wanted to catch up with you on Wednesday after the play but was on the mend from a virus and didn't want to get to close. By your composure I had no idea of the news you had just received. For some reason, I thought you guys had shut the blog down - after you mentioned the privacy thing. I never bothered to check and see until today. Now I think I know why I've been awake since 4 this morning. I knew I should have been praying for someone, I just didn't know who. So, by God's providence I happened to check "just to see" if the blog was still up. Our oldest daughter asked me once, "Mommy, if you were to die, would you miss me?" I knew that she was processing some scripture we had read and talked about before. At first I wanted to say - ABSOLUTELY!! But I knew I couldn't. So, how do you answer that? I pulled her close, held her tightly and said "honey, I don't know. The Bible clearly tells us that there won't be any crying in heaven. It also tells us that while we are alive on earth, we will have pain and suffering. I cry when you are hurt. It hurts my heart when your heart has been hurt. So - I don't think I'll be able to see you from heaven, but I know that God does and that He loves you so much more than mommy does, even though its hard to imagine that sometimes. I also know that God is good and He gives you everything that you need (I stressed need verses want). Because of that, I know that if mommy ever dies before you do that 1) I will be in heaven with Jesus and I will be more happy than I've ever been; 2) God will still be here with you on earth; 3) If you believe Jesus is God's son and that He died for all the things that you do that you're not supposed to do, your sins, then someday - I will see you again and I will be so happy to see you again." She sat there a while and then looked up at me and said "I sure do love you Mommy. If you go home to heaven, I know that God will take care of me, but I don't want a new mommy." I told her that she didn't have to worry about that, God would indeed take care of her. I also reminded her that God has blessed us with so many friends who love her and would be there for her if that should happen. I also affirmed her in that I knew that those people wouldn't be me - but she would have them and she will always have part of me in her heart and her mind. Then I held her tight again and told her how much I loved her and how much I enjoyed being with her and how much I wanted to be with her as she grows. That I was excited to see how her life unfolds and as long as God allows me to be here with her, I will laugh with her at the goods times, cry with her through the bad times, pray for God's wisdom when making decisions about how to discipline (not just the punishment, but the teaching as well) and rejoice with her when she accomplishes her goals.
Kate and Dave - as you go through these issues yourself with the boys - I pray and know that God will grant wisdom to the words you choose as you try to explain this to them. I pray that you would hear the heart of their questions and know you will respond honestly and lovingly with God's help.
Much love! Tabatha

Aunt Julie said...

I need to re-phase, what I wrote on Nov. 22nd. God did not "Give" Kate cancer, He "Allowed" it to happen. (Big difference in the two words). I didn't know I had done that until someone special pointed out that God did not "Give" Job(Biblical Referance)his trials, but "Allowed" his trials to happen. I suppose I was just trying to process the news like everyone else, and the words were getting in the way. My sincere apologizes.
Aunt Julie
I hope you and Stuart are feeling better soon.

Jennifer Schulte said...

Kate...I hope you and Stu feel better quickly!! Those colds can be so nasty sometimes. If I can run to the store for anything for any of you, let me know. Don't have Dave waste his time doing so...nor your mom. You know, I keep thinking about just talking with you yesterday....You know "Attitude" is everything...if you go in with the right mind set you can beat the have God, a husband who adores you, 3 amazing and fabulous boys, a loving extended family, all these bloggers, and even those who read but don't post on YOUR side! Also, you have amazing, young, vibrant, optimistic and faithful person!! God bless all of you with strength and peace through each day and every struggle, and let Him get you through this cold at a quick pace as well!! love, jen