Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Snail Mail for our oldest boys!

For those of you who would like a tangible way to love . . . Please send by snail mail a postcard or card to our oldest boys individually. They love to read mail. At times we are unable to read all the comments on the blog to them. Remember, they go to bed by 7:30 pm. We stick to schedules here at this house.

Please pray for safety at our home. I am going to be in contact with the county police to ask if they can do some extra patrolling in our neighborhood.

PS - 9 hours of sleep was great last night! I went to bed by 9 pm. THANKS! Yes, I am a morning person unlike my spouse. As they say - opposites attract.


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Anonymous said...

Kate, hi this is Heidi Ottsen, Mike Ottsen's wife from the baseball team. I am not very computer savy but I did figure out your blog a little and am absolutely blown away by all the entries and comments, prayers and scriptures. You all are absolutely amazing, what a witness to us all. We are praying for you and in baseball talk, "rooting" for you every day. I think of a little saying in my daily Scripture wheel which is by my dishwasher and I read every day while unloading. It says..."Sometimes God puts us on our backs so that we may look upward". How true that is. May we rejoice in our sufferings since suffering produces perseverance, perseverance, character and character, hope (Romans 5:3). I know something amazing will come out of this; already is. We are praying for you and your family. March on!!! Heidi Ottsen