Thursday, November 09, 2006

Dr. Forget's Visit

Dr. Forget was in about an hour ago. Still no word on the pathology report. He removed the turban (dressing) from her head and said the wound (stiches) are healing just fine. She does not have to wear the turban any longer.

Kate is also developing a black eye (shiner) from the surgery. She says that Mike Tyson has nothing on her.

Finally, Kate just had a shower and feels a little more refreshed. She will be having another MRI today to check up on things, hopefully all is well.

Resting in God's hands,



Ramona Lisa said...

It is so refreshing every day to see that you are still the Kate we know and love. You certainly experienced no loss of personality whatsoever! What a blessing.

Hopefully you'll learn more about the pathology today. Waiting can be such a heavy burden. Remember, God is in control of the results and the timing. You have so many prayer partners lifting your needs up to the Lord, and it's clear that He continues to answer prayer.

I'll be checking in with laundry and grocery needs at the homefront. Special requests are welcome.
XO, Ramona

Anonymous said...

Wait On The Lord

Wait on the Lord, wait patiently,
And thou shalt in Him be blest;
After the storm, a holy calm,
And after thy labor rest.
The lyrics from a Gospel song:

Wait on the Lord, for whom hast thou On earth or in heaven but He?
Over thy soul a watch He keeps,
Wherever thy path may be.

Wait on the Lord, wait cheerfully,
And He will thy youth renew;
Wait on the Lord obediently,
Whatever He bids thee do.

Wait on the Lord, wait lovingly,
Confide in His care thy all;
Those that abide in perfect peace
No danger can e'er befall.

Wait on the Lord, wait joyfully,
For then shall thy heart be strong;
Lo! by His hand He leadeth thee,
And thou shalt be filled with song.

Keeping you in thoughts and prayers,Martha M

Anonymous said...

Dear Kate,

I'm relieved that your surgery was a success and that your recovery is coming along nicely!

Hopefully this spring you and I can have another successful garage sale, ha ha!

God Bless!


Renee Sattazahn

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate - not sure if my last blog posted. But, I just wanted to let you know that The Schilling's are praying for you too. You have a WONDERFUL support of friend/family. And, AWESOME faith!!! Your in our hearts. We love you!
-Susan (and gang)