Thursday, November 30, 2006

Medical Records Hand Delivery

It has been so busy around here. MD Anderson is requesting that all my medical files not be faxed to them but, hand delivered. It has me calling every doctor - then waiting - then driving to pick up the files. I have a brain cancer binder that is quite large & getting bigger by the minute with all the research, pathology report and doctor info.

Pray that all records are organized and ready for MD Anderson. Continue to pray for the disc's of all my MRI & CT scans prior to the surgery. St. John's radiology department made multiple copies for me last week. I am thankful for that. It is VERY important that they aren't erased in any way prior to the Houston visit. Pray for a smooth airport security details.

We did get our airline tickets through Southwest yesterday (Wednesday). They tried to get us a "good" deal. We were still disappointed with the price. It is a disappointment to spend money on airline tickets this time of the year. Dave & I both know, that you cannot put a price tag on my health.

Gotta go! the boys are waking up to get ready for school and the upcoming snow - We hope!
I need to get out the boots, snow bibs, etc. for the day.



Anonymous said...

I haven't been able to follow your blog much, but caught up yesterday. Praying for your trip to MD Anderson. What great people to hook up with. I spent a day touring there when I was at a pharmacy convention years ago. I'm sure it has only gotten better.
Much love to you,
LeeAnn Gienke

Anonymous said...

In your honor we made your "baked beef stew" from the covenant cookbook tonight. It was delicious!! I can't think of anything better on a cold winter night! (We look forward to making it for you all on Dec 13th.)

We said a special prayer for you at dinner; thanking God for you and the gift you are to know. Praying for God to deal with all the little and BIG details of this most important trip to Houston......How wonderful it is to know that he already knows the rest of this journey and the course of the kinds of treatment you need....You don't have to worry, just......Trust and obey for their is no other be happy in Jesus, but to Trust in Obey! God is so good to all of us. May you find comfort in him on those, "Terrible horrible, no good, very bad days," (That is for you children book lovers)
In Jesus!
Tom, April and Marybeth Curtis:)

Anonymous said...

I'm praying specifically that the CD's get to Dr. Yung and in his incredible hands.

Also, praying for safety on this flight. Calmness for Gram and DeeDee. Patience for the boys.

Much praying
Marnie and Andy

Anonymous said...

Hey Kate!
I've prayed for you today, hoping the logistics/paperwork, etc. are falling into place, and that your preparations for the trip are slowing down as they become finalized. I've also been praying that you and your boys get to fully enjoy each other in this great weather! There's way too much fun to be had, and I don't want you to miss out! Cooper, Carly, and I are praying for LOADS of snow tomorrow. Hope you get to PLAY!!!
Just wanted you to know my thoughts are still with you, and I'm praying for each request.
"Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!"
Love ya, Tiffani Gibbs

Mary Lou Hom said...


I received an email from Jenny Eickhorst who was in FreeLife close to the end of your time there or maybe after you were married. I can't remember which.

Anyway, she is in St. Louis and has her own medical challenges. It is from these challenges that she wanted me to forward onto you some "medical" advise. So here is part of her email to me.

I don't know Kate Snodgrass at all, but you might tell her this. I noticed that she is headed to MD Anderson soon. I went through exactly what she is doing now with getting all the records and taking them with her - along w/the CD's. (She should also be able to ask for a 2nd copy of the CD's from the St. Louis hospital & she could Fed Ex those to the hotel. I did this and it worked well. She may have to pay $$ for another set, but it is worth the comfort that it brings.)

You might tell her to type up a simple summary with bullet points of everything that has happened with dates. Keep it very simple. I did this and took it w/my medical records and this helped a ton. Doctors don't have time in the appointment to read through papes and pages of records and this was a huge help. Obviously they will still look at whatever she brings, but to make the most of her time with the specialist, I'd highly suggest this. I did this prior to going to Chicago to meet w/surgeons and it helped significantly to get to the heart of the problem. They always ask you what you've had done and is is sometimes hard to remember everything yourself - let alone clearly tell the details several more times.

Just several thoughts!

I am sure that you have a million things on a list to do before you leave for Houston. I am not wanting to burden you further but just wanted to offer some helpful advice. I know that when my mom changed doctor's during her battle with non-hodgkins lymphoma this bullet point type list was very helpful to the new doctor and to us in the initial appointments.

Still praying for you here in the Pacific Northwest where you have your own quiet but faithful prayer contingent!

Mary Lou (Zook) Hom