Sunday, December 17, 2006

Today's Thankfulness

As I awake every morning I try to find all my blessings for that day.

What I am thankful for TODAY
* The breath of life
* Dave, who is researching, coming to my doctors appointments, loving a lot, caring for our boys, tending to my emotions, and tackling laundry & dishes, all while working a full time job.
* The family is healthy - no flu, no cold, no strep throat, no illness
* 3 boys - who bring immeasurable joy! Priceless!
* Cole, sang When I am afraid I will trust in Him on OUR special walk yesterday.
* Carter & Cole reading to Stuart
* I am no longer on any meds except a multivitamin & folic acid (taking flax oil 3x daily)
* No chemo/radiation till after the holidays
* For my CCS friend, Kim who was so kind to Christmas shop for the boys
* For another friend, Amy that shopped for the stocking stuffers
* Food to eat- ESPECIALLY all the meals being made for our family every other day
* Laughter & sock tag
* For the geese flying outside the kitchen window this morning while doing dishes
* Stuart, saying "I hold mommy" - ie: mommy please hold me and hug me
* Great Grandpa, willing to live in Columbia, MO - away from his comforts of home - while mom serves us for a time.
* Carter - reading jokes from the skunk "stinky joke book". A great library find!
* That I am a treasure to God
* Extended family helping in various ways
* Friends going above the call to serve
* Stuart's busted lip last night- 1. it did not require stitches 2. confirmed - no Christmas cards this year - A busted lip in a cute red smocked john john isn't what I had in mind.
I know I have much more to be thankful for. This is just the tip of the iceberg.


Laura Joback said...

Hey, girl...a moment to me, and I want to...and choose to...spend it with YOU (or at least your blog, that is)!! :)
I'm not sure if your boys have ever seen a Dora and Diego (the "explorers" show), but Isaac, in his daily diatribe about Kate and the "owie in her head" has decided that Diego's "rescue pack" (his backpack that he uses to help rescue injured animals or animals that in need) would CERTAINLY have something in it to help Kate's owie. It was pretty cute! He was VERY animated about it, and assured me that the RESCUE PACK (shouting it over and over and jumping around) would be of great help to you...???... He also received a gift from the Squires last night for Christmas--a doctor's set, so.....who did he give "sharps" to (a shot w/ a syringe), whose blood pressure did he take ALL DAY LONG?...whose temperature did he take (in your ear, though it is, actually, and oral one)?... You! Pretend Kate at OUR house! It was a riot.

Warning: this section of the blogger's comment is not for those with weak "constitutions..."
OK, Kate...down to business about the your concern about the side effect from the Temodar...the, well, thing. I would be totally proactive about this and start gettin' your bowels "in gear," so to speak. When I heard that constipation was an issue w/ pregnancy, I tried to do the same thing. W/ the first pregnancy I tried 4-5 prunes per no avail. I'm telling you...the first, well, "movement" was monumental, painful, and a lengthy process. During the second pregnancy, I took the berry-flavored tablets of Benefiber (quite tasty, I might add). In the hospital prior to the delivery, the nurse asked me if I would prefer a stool softener OR a laxative. I said, (vehemently),: YES! (i.e.: I'd take BOTH)! And, glory hallelujah, everything "came out" fine! The lesson learned: prunes don't cut it, fiber supplements worked, and if any prescriptions are offered to you by the health care profession: take them ALL!!!! :) Oh, and,...(side note) the Benefiber is also a good source of CALCIUM which you'll need for when you develop osteoporosis as a octagenerian (yes, I pray that you'll be around to actually become and octagenerian)! I have some Benefiber coupons if you want them...always the thrifty one, am I. Fear not: the boys won't say to each other, wonderingly: "Where's Mom?" For PRIOR to the use of a "promotility" neutraceutical, the answer may have been: "She's in the CAN...AGAIN." or "She's in the LOO...STILL." But, hopefully, all will be lubed up, "moving" merrily along, and the answer to "Where's Mom?" will NOT have anything to do with the JOHN!!!! Love you dearly, BIG HUG b4 bed!

Nicole Callan said...

Hey, Kate, I've been checking in on you frequently and am inspired and so thankful that you and Dave are hanging in there! You will have an incredible influence on your boys for the rest of their lives!!
I enjoyed your list of things to be thankful for and also Psalm 121. One of my favorite passages is Job 19:23-27:
"Oh, that my words were written! Oh, that they were inscribed in a book! That they were engraved on a rock with an iron pen and lead forever! For I know that my Redeemer lives and He shall stand at last on the earth; and after my skin is destroyed, this I know, that in my flesh I shall see God, whom I shall see for myself, and my eyes shall behold and not another. How my heart yearns within me!"

Marilyn McDonald said...

To add to Laura's very practical advice (what are good friends for?) remember to drink lots of water, especially if you choose to do the fiber supplements. And you might want to try Dannon's new Activia yogurt--it comes in mini-cups, tastes just like any other yogurt I've ever had, and contains extra beneficial bacteria to keep the GI tract chuggin' along. Oh, and on the tea aisle at the store, they actually have an herbal tea called "Smooth Move" which is supposed to have a laxative effect. What next?!?