Friday, December 22, 2006

Radiation Bumped Up

My radiation therapy (RT) has been changed to the following:
Tuesday, December 26 - dry run
Wednesday December 27 - Wednesday, February 7 - 10 am RT

Please pray for the following to be minimal:
nausea - The first 2 chemo days are typically the worst!
constipation (especially during February- once chemo has settled in)
blood work to be in normal range
swelling - I prefer NO steroids (Dr's will only give steroids if symptomatic ie: headaches)
skin burns at site of RT - for aquaphor to aid in the burn
I will update you more on any more prayer requests. I am sure their will be some surprises.

Wednesdays will be my most busy day.
9 am - labs (blood work)
9:30 - Dr. Linette, oncologist
10 am - RT
10:30ish - Dr. Simpson, radiologist
Then RUN to parking attendant to get my ticket stamped! : ) Get out of Dodge - aka Siteman Cancer Center!

Merry Christmas to me! No, really I am glad to get this started. The sooner the better.



Anonymous said...

So glad you get to get rolling on your treatment, but sorry you don't have a little longer to be "sympton free." God's will is being done, so we will praise him...!!!

Take the next couple days to focus on HIM and relax enjoying your kids and taking time for you, too. I know us moms are not good at that. But you need it and deserve it. God bless you at this most special christmas time, ever....I love hearing your fabulous traditions. We make a birthday cake, too.
April C

Anonymous said...

Dear Kate,
I was deeply moved by your previous post about Ephraim, and it encouraged and comforted me at a time when I really need it. It's so great that God wants to grow and use us even as we're going through the trial. I believe the difficult times are when we grow and bear fruit the most; I question sometimes whether I can be USEFUL to God during those times. Again, thanks for sharing that story with us!
You asked the question "what does it mean to bear fruit?" (I think that was the question). You know the answer, but my simplified response would be: to become more like Jesus-- to grow in 'love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control.'
Just as you can look at a tree and see it's fruit, others can look at our lives and see if there's 'fruit' growing (the evidence of God at work, chipping away at the ugly stuff in us).

I'm glad to know about your schedule change, because I'll be praying specifically on those days and for your requests. Meanwhile, I'll pray that you can somewhat shelf all this stuff about your health, and truly enjoy your family as you celebrate Jesus and the HOPE He brings to each of us.
Love to you, Tiffani Gibbs

Anonymous said...

Our sweet friends-

We have not written much, but check on you often and pray for you fervently. You are such a light at this time af trial, and are bringing God such tremendous glory, even when you are frustrated or tired or weary. We continue to walk with you and lift you up in prayer! Many prayers for few symptoms with treatment and lots of help for your family!

Love, The Packwoods

Gram said...

Baby and the Choo-Choo:
This past Tuesday while Kate had obligations at Barnes Hospital son #3 went on a little road trip with Gram to Washington MO. Gram was attending the annual Christmas gathering for Heritage Reality on Front Street near the Missouri River and railway station. Kate decided what little boy should wear to such an occasion. As always she knew just how to plan. He looked mighty cute in his smocked outfit. He throughly enjoyed himself and made friends with the agents.
All partying came to an stop when one two year old boy heard the whistle of the train coming through town. Gram took him outside to get a chose up view of the Choo-Choo in downtown Washington. He was still talking about it that night when Kate put him to bed. It is nice to have moments like the railroad scene to off set the craziness of the season.
I have made several attempts to shop this season, but the crowds are too much for me. I decided to drive to Beaufort MO to my second favorite old hardward store. Hecklers Hardware in Troy is my favorite. I like old hardward stores where things are piled up to the ceiling and the ceiling is an old tin plated type. The floors are wood and they creak as you walk. I was on a mission to find a little red wagon to pull the baby around the neighborhood.
When you walk into old hardware stores you walk back in time. There are absolutely no large crowds. In fact I was the only one there for a time. As I drove up there in the window was a red wagon. The little bell on the door signals that a customer has arrived. You are greeted by one friendly person and then you can just wander around and look at numerous items that are not put in any logical order. Some of the old hardware stores still have pot belly wood stoves. Men especially like these kind of places. It's a bit musty and old but quiet. It is a great escape from the jammed parking lots in town. Everyone should experience my old hardward stores at least once during the holiday season.
Gram signing off for Christmas 2006

Laura Joback said...

Greetings to "YOU'uns" from "US'uns" on Christmas Eve...what a wonderful night to celebrate the coming of our Savior's birth. What a cute idea to have an actual BDay Party for Him! Great way to incorporate the kids and help them understand the meaning of the season, which gets so lost in all of the hub-bub. You are COVERED in prayer! Mike & I, my parents, Tonya and Doug...all of us will be praying for you guys for this week's upcoming events. We love you dearly and am (as usual) sending a cyberspace hug. MMMMMM! There, did ya' get it? :) Laura...Merry CHRISTmas!