Monday, December 18, 2006

Sharing a Letter

Today on my personal email I received a lovely letter from a woman I hardly know. Her letter blessed my heart. She has gone through a unique struggle of her own this past year. She so eloquently put into words that I cannot seem to say. I hope the portions of her letter bless you as well and prompt you to pray.

The Lord calls us to different trials, but I believe each one prepares us to
1. comfort with the comfort we have received (2 Cor 1:4),
2. rely not on ourselves but on God, who raises the dead (2 Cor 1:9)
3. to be the broken vessels that reveal the "all surpassing power [that] is from God and not from us" (2 Cor 4:7). (I am truly broken)

As you struggle not just with the knowledge of your cancer but also the effects of treatment, I pray that you will know in deep and rich ways the presence of God Almighty, his power, and his sustaining grace. May you know God’s very rich blessings as you walk this road. May Dave also know the power, presence, and sustaining grace of the Lord as he walks with you. May his hand of blessing be upon your family. And may his name be exalted in all that lies ahead. You are not alone.

Kate's closing thoughts :
My prayer for this trial – even though I’ve walked with the Lord for a long time, that I will experience God’s presence, power, and sustaining grace in new and very deep ways this year.

Tomorrow at 9:00 (Tuesday) another appointment with Dr. Linette. Pray for more questions to be answered. I also have labs to be done. Pray also that the dr. will share my MRI information with Dave & I. Realizing the purpose of the MRI wasn't to see if any growth had occured. It was more for helping the radiation procedure. I just would like to know.



Anonymous said...

Dear Kate,
So glad you were blessed by that woman's words. Isn't it cool how God can use anyone or anything to accomplish His work--even people we don't know!

I'll be praying about your appt. with Dr Linette tomorrow. Just an FYI: you are entitled to know the info on the MRI, because it's YOUR info to begin with. So ask anything you're wondering about and expect that the MD will tell you.
Hope you enjoy today! Tiffani Gibbs

Anonymous said...

Dave and Kate,

Just wanted to let you know we have not forgotten you. You continue to be in our prayers. Please let Gram know that she is also in our prayers.

Molly's Family