Sunday, December 03, 2006

Snake in the Drawer

It seems that life is back to normal for the older boys.

This morning as I was putting away my pajamas, there in the drawer waiting for me was a fake snake. The older boys are back to their antics in putting fake bugs, snakes, etc. in places that they want me to find, ie: under my pillow & in my pj drawer. They think it is quite funny to surprise mom. I was able to smile this morning while I am getting ready to go to church.

Thanks to T.G. for getting them this gift a couple of days ago. Little did you realize that it really was a gift for me. : )

Smiling about the snake. - kate

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Helen Carter said...

Yesterday we saw the kids sledding down their favorite hill (really just a slope between the Kim's and our house). It was good to see them so happy.

I saw Carter outside on Friday. He was loading his saucer sled with icy snow. I told him I thought we were supposed to have snow, not ice. And his reply was that the snow was awesome. I guess it was so packable.

I read your comment about the short hair. You are a beautiful woman and hair/no hair won't change that. Your beauty radiates from within. If you think about that, you will realize how true that is. Just ask Dave.

My suggestion would be to shave your head and wear little sticky jewels (colorful stones) all over your scalp. Decorate your head ahead of time!!! You could make a fashion statement. I would donate some jewels if you wanted to do that.

I am wishing you the best on your Houston trip! I look forward to reading more of your blog as your journey continues.

You might want to think about putting all of this (the blog) together and getting it published into a book sometime in the future when the time is right. You already have most of the writing done--just needs a little editing and additions. What an inspiration that would be. Your blog is quite religious, and I bet Concordia Publishing House here in St. Louis would snap it up. They specialize in Christian writings.