Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Hungry Hippo Thankfulness

Even this morning I am counting my blessings. I am thankful for so many things in my life even on a dark emotional day. As I was taking my Zofran at 6:30 my stomach was in knots yet, I can say God is my strength and my song.

* I am thankful for playing the game "hungry hippo" with Cole at 7:15 this morning.
* The pink sky this morning was oustanding. Gods handiwork is so beautiful.
* Aunt Dee Dee watching the boys this morning while mom escorts me to treatment for moral support.
* That I am loved more than words can say.
* For Dave. Last night after the posting I came to him and cried to the point I could hardly breathe. He just was so comforting. His stomach was in knots last night. I am thankful for him & his love and support for me.
* For Carter's Clubhouse magazine. One article- Truth Seeker, Touch of the Master, was talking about (in reference to Adam & Eve) how God put the same amount of care, love and thought into forming each one of us. Each person is a unique work of art. I am a one-of-kind masterpiece that God made. God is the author of all life. Every life is important to Him. Just knowing that fact should cause you to value life as God does. After all, He blew the breath of life into Adam & left His fingerprints on every single person.
* Marilyn for posting the scripture reminders last night.
* A roof over my head
* Many more . . . . . .

Thank you for praying.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Kate,
As I write this, you are preparing to undergo your first radiation treatment, and I am praying for you....For peace, comfort, confidence, and that you will be able to relax physically as you lay there.
God is with you on that table.
Love you, Tiffani Gibbs