Thursday, December 14, 2006

OK ok! Pray as you wish!

Ok ok . . . . pray as you wish. I am just a planner-administrator by heart. I was just trying to put some organization in all of this stuff that is going on. I laugh at all the comments on confusion and if a person is an odd or even day. My point was that I really need the body of Christ to pray whenever & however. I know that it is prayer that is keeping Dave & I going. God is in control.

Today at 1:30 the simulation went smoothly. Quite interesting having a mesh plastic mold put on my face. I was also able to see the type of machine that they will be using. They did say I can bring in my own CD's to listen to during the whole procedure which takes only 15 minutes. The actual radiation / chemo will start on Tuesday, January 2. It takes a good 10 days to prepare for the radiation after a simulation. I have an appointment on the 29th of December as a "dry run" so they can place the beams & markers accurately. Dr. Simpson could move it up if he gets to my case sooner.

I also had an MRI today at 3:30. I am slowly getting used to the racket noise of the tubular machine. I was laughing, but trying not to move my head when a song came on by the muppets singing the 12 days of Christmas. Miss Piggy's part was the 5 golden rings. I contend with her on that one. Although, I will have some golden rings on my heavenly crown. I finally came home around 6 pm. It has been a long day with no nap. The bed is looking good to me. No more couch like last night. I was just so exhausted and did not have the energy to walk upstairs to bed.

Our house is quite a busy one. Last night all the boys including Stuart played sock war on the stairs. This is a little different than sock tag. Dave was at the bottom throwing the socks up the stairs while the boys were up top throwing them down. Stuart would then slide down on his tummy to retrieve the unattended socks (ammo) and carry them up the stairs for Carter & Cole. I have to say that being upstairs is better than on the landing. Dave had to run for cover a few times. Laughter was good! Carter is proud of his pelting ability. Cole had some great hits as well. Stuart would throw as many as 6 pairs of socks at a time.

I want to end by saying how thankful I am for my mom (Gram) who is so willing to set aside "her" time to serve. I really don't know how we would be able to do it without her. She has really stepped up to the plate. I am sure she is weary at times trying to keep up with our routines, laundry, breakfast, school lunches, meals, clean up, etc. I hope she is getting used to sleeping on a twin bed in Carter's baseball decor' room. In the years to come I want to be as unselfish as her when my boys & grandchildren need me.

Aunt Dee Dee is so willing to serve as well. She pops in unannounced to serve me chocolate that has not a trace of sugar. That day was the 1st time I was actually craving sugar since surgery. She is loving me and the boys in a very special way. Carter & Cole are doing much better in spelling when she is around. She is gifted with children & writing.

Pray as you wish - odd or even days, it doesn't matter. Just pray! Much love - Kate


Jennifer said...

You can count on prayers from this house...early in the morning: too early to have even or odd registering with me yet!

Have a good rest...

Jennifer Hughes

Joy said...

I was just doing some catch up work and reading your blog... I think about you every day and pray for you. We love you so much over here!!

Anonymous said...

The Snodgrass family you are a wonderful example of how to trust God with everything! Not a day goes by in this home that you're not prayed for. I'm not a great writer or speller but Prayer is my thing.
Kate, i know you're an early morning person but I'm a late night person so good morning to you. I pray that today is a wonderful day for you!=)
Take Care and God Bless!
PS:How many blog junkies to you have?