Thursday, March 15, 2007

After 5 o'clock

Don't you know that when 5 o'clock hits one of your children needs to see a doctor. That was the case yesterday evening. Stuart woke from his nap a little crabby. It continued to worsen as the hours went past. I thought he was exhausted from spending the morning with his little friend Caleb. Once outside in our backyard he was crying a lot and holding his right ear saying my ear hurts, my ear hurts. I proceeded to take him upstairs hoping a bubble bath would cheer him up. That didn't work. I gave him some tylenol to tide him over till I called the exchange. By this time it was 5:45 pm. The doctor on call told me to go to an urgent care to have him looked at. She informed me of a pediatric urgent care fairly close to our home in the Chesterfield area. After I had some dinner he was seen by a doctor. He does have the beginnings of a right ear infection. She put some numbing drops in his ear to help with the night. I filled his first official antibiotic since he has been born. The other scrips were for conjunctivitis. He has been somewhat of a healthy boy. I am very thankful. The odd thing about all of this is that the cold he has had wasn't that bad. It threw me for a loop due to the fact that the drainage wasn't severe - at least I didn't think severe enough for a ear infection to take place. I am so glad I took him in.

I forgot to mention in my last blog a few items. Joe was concerned about his vision. The surgery he had on his right eye was his "good eye". His left eye is not well. He is concerned that if the right eye doesn't heal he could be considered legally blind. Pray for his vision.

After asking Dr. Simpson about my hair regrowth he stated that June might be too early to see any growth. He said it most likely will be in September. I know he originally stated June or I would not have that set in my mind. Oh well hair or no hair I am alive and feel fairly good.

To clarify my brain cancer and the possible outcome - Dr. Linette stated that the cancer statistic (emphasis mine) is that a person will live up to 4 years. I misunderstood and wrote previously that the cancer growth might not return till about 4 years with the Temodar. Dave straightened me out yesterday. I guess I am going to look at it as if I live past 4 years that will be "icing on the cake". I will have to take my concerns day by day to God. It is my only choice. Pray for encouragement in my heart. I still claim that God is mighty, bigger and greater than this brain cancer.

Off to the dentist this morning then tomorrow to see more medical staff of another sort for the day. Never lacking in the medical arena any more. I was laughing while filling out a medical history form. The question was - How many doctors I have seen in the past year? It was at least up to seven from OBgyn to cancer. I am well represented.


Anonymous said...


The majority of pediatric emergencies do happen after dark, I know that to be true...Rachel has never once had an asthma attack in the light of day! Indeed, this week we had an inadvertent pencil stab to the face that, naturally, occurred at bath time. It is worth noting, for the record, that while pencil graphite is not poisonous, it IS pemanent, so Rachel will be blessed for the rest of her life with a gray mark under her left eye!! (At least it missed the eye itself, and all of the lead that went into the face came back out!)

Praying for WAY more than four years,


The Jobacks said...

Kate: Glad to hear of your good findings w/ the MRI. Not so glad to hear about your after-hours escapades. I, too, think that clinical symptoms mask themselves deviously until after closing hours at the doctors' offices. What a pain is THAT! Been there! I am (unfortunately) quite familiar w/ that ChesterfieldLandArea urgent care for pediatrics. I think they've added a wing with our name on it. Any-hoo....praying for encouragement for you and for rest and for no aching eyeballs. Lovin' ya daily! Jobacks out!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kate!
Thanks for the update on you. I'll be praying for you tomorrow (for your appt.), and like Erika, I'm praying for many more than four years---for lots and lots of icing on that cake!
So glad you got Stu taken care of!
Love ya, Tiffani G