Monday, March 05, 2007

No News

Well I came home from Cole's party with a message on our machine from Jo Ann, nurse of Dr. Linette. She said she tried my cell phone with no answer. I had it in my pocket with the vibrating mode on. Not sure how I missed it. Anyway she said "The notes don't really say much. Call me in the morning. I will be in clinicals but will try to return your call." Basically if I don't get her early in the morning I will hear from her after 4pm. The answering machine was timed at 5:20 pm.

Mom with Cole eating his birthday cookie!

Cole had a great party. He was so happy! Great memories were made.


Anonymous said...

Still praying for you, Kate! I checked your blog several times yesterday looking for news, so I guess I'll do that again today. We love you!

The Endraskes

Laura Joback said...

Awaiting news, too, Kate! Been praying for you this week. "Waiting rooms" are never easy places to be. Know you're not in this figureative waiting room alone. We're all crammed in there w/ you, craning our heads over the other bloggers to see the upcoming posts. Love you all dearly. Jobacks out!