Thursday, March 01, 2007

Short hair discouragement

I will have bloodwork at 8:30 am then my MRI at 9 tomorrow. Dr. Linette will see me on Wednesday, the 14th. Not sure of the time. It is written upstairs on the calendar. It is best he see me for clinical purposes.

Please pray for me. I am very discouraged about my short hair. I really don't like the way it looks on me. Thank you to the many who have said it is very becoming. I just don't like looking into the mirror seeing me in short hair. Don't get me wrong, I am glad I did cut it due to the fact that I would have been vasicilating. Should I cut it or should I not. I would have been going back and forth. No issue now. I just have to wait for it to grow. I was hoping today to give you an update that my hair is not falling out anymore. Sorry that is not the case. Still falling but possibly not as much. Can't tell.

Carter is back to sleep walking around the 10 o'clock hour. He goes to bed at 8. The pediatrician told me it comes in waves. The gate that was intended for Stuart at an early age is back. It is a great gate that the certain parts attach to the wall yet the main gate itself can be stored. We don't want an escapee. Carter is known to walk around the home. Never a dull moment.


Anonymous said...


Praying for your MRI and bloodwork tomorrow and then for the appt. with Dr. Linette on the 14th. I would love to know more about the alternative therapy you will be pursuing instead of the chemotherapy, assuming that remains the plan.

Praying, also, that the hair loss will stop!


Ramona Lisa said...

Girl, I can relate to the short hair blues! Yes, it was my decision to cut it...but did I make the right choice? Uh, no.

I think our locks are about the same length right now, so we'll grow it and agonize over it together! Good thing God only cares about our hearts.

Thinking of you as you wait for MRI results. Love you!