Saturday, March 03, 2007

Will then be at peace

I do hope the readers of this blog know that our family is very thorough in our quest for all medical needs. After conversing with another St. Louis doctor friend today she confirmed that many oncologist closer to our home are most likely just as intelligent as Dr. Linette. We will take time to consult, interview and make a final decision when the time is right. We are not ones to jump into any decision especially the possible change of oncologist. If Dave and I are one in this decision and we seek God's face then we will be at peace.

Results of the MRI will be called in to us on Monday by JoAnn, Dr. Linette's nurse.

Thank you for understanding our concerns with the overall burden of cancer. My words at times seem futile. I know I have stated previously that I am not the best of writers. Please know that my lack of humility is being refined as well during cancer. Be patient as I try to express the as best I can this journey.


Anonymous said...

In response to a comment posted on the previous blog:

I did not at all get the impression that Kate and Dave were considering making a change in oncologist based on anything as minor as his appearance or the cost of parking! There is a lot to be said for choosing to have treatment at a location that is a comfortable fit, because so much time is spent there. Additionally, I would certainly think that most oncologists strive to keep themselves continually informed on treatment updates related to ALL cancers that affect their patients. It is no easy task to become an oncologist in the first place, after all!

One final thought...Kate and Dave, by maintaining this blog, are choosing to share their deepest struggles with friends, family, and perhaps other survivors of cancer. It seems that they should be allowed to express their doubts, concerns, and considerations without judgement from others.


Anonymous said...

Dear Kate,
I have just caught up on the last week or so of your posts. I agree with what Amy stated above. Please don't ever feel you have to justify or explain yourself here. It is no one's place to pass judgement on any part of what you're doing as you walk through this, one step at a time. None of us know what it's like to walk in your shoes.

I am praying for you, and for the results of the MRI.
Love, Tiffani Gibbs

Anonymous said...

Kate and Dave

As you share so much of your lives with us, I'm sorry that people are trying to judge you based on just the words that you say here. It seems that if people are reading this blog then they are seeing THE REAL INTIMATE THOUGHTFUL CAREFUL PLANNING ORGANIZED Kate that I know:)

I love you and KNOW that you and Dave ALWAYS look at all parts of decisions and pray over every detail. I know that all our opinions count and that you take our thoughts seriously. Friends and Family and Others, please understand one thing about Dear Kate she is DEFINITELY NOT consdidering changing Dr's simply because of "expense and time" from a monetary view. Every moment of time spent with her children is the BIGGEST BLESSING from the Lord and IS SO IMPORTANT TO KATE and DAVE. BECAUSE every moment spent with their children gives them one more chance to share Jesus' love with their little hearts. I hope this gives you some insight to the Kate that I know and love
Always praying