Friday, March 02, 2007

MRI Analogies & Police Chase

Traffic on 40 was not great down to Siteman. I guess this is only the beginning of the construction mess. The bloodwork and MRI went smoothly. For the first time the MRI machine shook my whole body at times. They also asked that I not open my eyes during the testing. Not sure what that was all about. All in all the scan took about 35+ minutes including the IV contrast. I didn't get to listen to my CD.

If you have never had an MRI is is unusual. I have heard some say it is like you are being rolled into a toilet paper tub with racket & click sounds at odd times. Another person described it as "I felt like I was a one-person audience for a really bad rock band---very strange noises and rhythms!" Very true. For me some of the sounds even with ear phones sounded like a jackhammer was right above my head. All I know is that some of the clicks made me jump. A little startling. I did ask the man running the MRI what they did when a patient cannot fit in the MRI. He stated that it has happened. Cramped quarters at times for some. A new machine is on its way to accomodate situations as such.

Another exciting part of my day was seeing a police chase. As I drove out of Siteman a man in a Carhardt type coat (tan color) was running along the sidewalk, across Kingshighway north, the median and over Kingshighway south with the police officer in pursuit. Quite exciting for a country gal like myself. Remember I grew up in the country. Honestly I have never seen a real chase. Just on TV. I was hoping to see the cop tackle him. My light turned green - - Bummer! A one point I thought of following the man and trying to wedge my van in front of him to stop him. After explaining to safety Dave the whole ordeal he said "That would not have been a good idea. The runner could sue." Duh! Isn't it good to marry someone who is wiser than you. I just have more of the adventurous spirit. Opposites attract.

Gotta Go! Tonight is movie night. The two older boys along with myself are going to the Veggie Tales premier of Moe and the Big Exit - A lesson in Followin' Directions. It is at a local church.

MRI and Police Chase - I couldn't ask for a better day!


Anonymous said...


I think I remember from my days working in the county jail that criminals are rarely successful in litigation when they try to sue for anything that happens to them during the commission of a crime! (Of course, they don't have much else to do in jail except dream up law suits.) (And, a lot of the inmates on my caseload seemed to harbor fantasies of getting revenge when they got out...)


Ramona Lisa said...

We missed you at the Museum of Transportation this morning! Liliana had fun with the boys, but she missed Stuart.

Of course, the gals missed you, but I think and MRI is a valid reason for missing a train adventure. We are praying for a good result!

"Ana" and Stu WILL have a pool date soon. Don't give up on us yet!