Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Secret stuff and hockey

Yesterday was downtown eventful. The boys and I went to the DEA office. Wow, I have never known what really goes on in finding people who use illegal drugs. Lots of pictures were taken but cannot be shared here on the blog due to the secret nature of it. I guess they figure we are not a big risk of illegal drug taking. I was a little disappointed in the holding cell. I thought it was going to be like the town of Mayberry with Barney Fife - bars and all. I had an idea for a good picture of me behind the bars. That is not how they do the holding room. It is much more high tech and a solid door with just a handle on the opposite side with a peep hole for checking in on the convict.

In the evening we were given four tickets to the Blues hockey game. It was a great memory maker. It took some work to find a sitter for Stuart though. That was the first hockey game Carter and Cole have attended. The Blues were behind 4 to 1 with five minutes left when we departed for our car. I am not sure they were able to pull through. Don't ask me who they were playing. Not one for detail in hockey.
Everyone but Stu at the game!


The Jobacks said...

Hey! Loved the pics of your week of playtime w/ the boys! I'm right there w/ you about hockey...the St. Louis "Who's?" Actually...Mike held my hand for the first time at a hockey game that the singles' group attended back-in-the-day...hmmmm...what a memory! Praying for you every day! Jobacks

Anonymous said...

Sounds like everyone (including Aunt Dee Dee) is having a great spring break! What fun!! Thanks for sharing the pictures and experiences. What a great idea to have the kids write down what they want to do on "their break" and then put the list in their keepsake box for them to view with their kids (I'll have to remember that when Arwen and Sebastian get older). Arwen's special preschool spring break starts Monday the 2nd. She is having a hard time with the concept of being away from school and her "friends" for a WHOLE week-she is really loving preschool this year. It is hard to believe this fall she will be a kindergartner! Glad to see/hear everyone doing well and having fun. Hope Stu isn't getting jealous of the older boys and their big boy brother activities, it is good to spend some mommy time together! I wanted to also thank you Kate and Dave for sharing your story and being so open about your feelings; honestly you have made my journey a little easier and I have really connected to God. Thanks for putting the diet/healthy lifestyle info on the blog too, I'm in the midst of changing my diet drastically due to 2 "spots" on my spine. Take care and have a great week!