Friday, March 02, 2007

Mind over Matter

Well last night I tossed and turned. I had to make myself lay in bed till at least 5:45. I thought I was at peace but my body is saying another thing. What is the saying? Mind over matter? That might not be the saying or it could be out of context. I am known to quote things and Dave laughs saying it was another word or for another context altogether. He is not in the room for me to ask.

I will leave the house at 7:30.


kristie king said...

kate, you are in my prayers this morning!

Anonymous said...

I just spent about 45 minutes reading your blog over the past several months...and am currently printing off the health blog from back in Decemeber. Thank you for those notes. We have used flaxseed for a long time, but not really the right/best way. So, thank you!

Also, I think the people you met with the daughter who was adopted a year ago...Natalie from a neighbor of ours. Sue was recently diagnosed with the tumors. I haven't been able to talk with them since they have been at the hospital so much and he works...and just life goes on, but we are rallying around them as best we can as a neighborhood right now. I don't know them as well as other neighbors, so I actually have just tried to pray for them, but...small world.

Love you and continue to pray for you all too.

Love, Amy VanEssendelft

Anonymous said...

We are here for you!!! I would be the same way...not sleeping, tossing & turning...going over things in my head a gazillon ways...trying to turn things over to God, but still "taking them back".

YOU ARE HIS!!!!!!!!