Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Some News

JoAnn did call at 6:20 pm with the reading of the MRI scan. She read the official notes. Basically the cavity is smaller and the rim around the cavity has brightness. Dave and I suspect that is due to radiation. Cavity is smaller due to swelling and the brightness is the radiation as well. JoAnn also thought that was the case. Radiation does play a vital role in this MRI. She stated the next one will be alot more informative. I think it will be in June. She did say that nothing is worse if so Dr. Linette would have called by now. I will get the official word on next Wednesday, March 14 from the doctor.

So I guess all is good. I will keep you informed on what he says on March 14.

For the record: I am not going crazy. My cell phone never recieved a call from the nurse yesterday. I looked closely this morning at the incoming missed calls and there was no record of her calling. Whew! Ok I could be crazy in other ways. I knew I would feel a buzz in my jeans. I have been known to jump when I feel the bee vibrating.


Anonymous said...


Brightness and cavity size are both beyond me, but it sounds positive overall! Hopefully now you can kind of put it on the back burner until June, or at least until you meet with Dr. Linette next week!

Still praying for you, girl.


Anonymous said...

Dear Kate,
Thanks for the update!
I love the picture of you and Cole!
I'm still praying, too!
Love ya, Tiffani Gibbs

kristie king said...

kate, i dido tiffani, the picture of you and cole is adorable. it is definetely a framable! we are still prayer warriors for you over here, even caleb remembers to pray for "miss kate"!
love ya, kristie