Thursday, March 22, 2007

Consultation with Dr. Needles

Today at 12:30 I will be consulting / interviewing Dr. Burton Needles. I have my multitude of questions ready for him. I am more and more desiring a closer oncologist due to the fact that this week MODOT officially decided that they are going to close down a certain section of hwy 40 for a whole year! What a headache for those needing to travel hwy. 40. The effects of the shut down will be felt all over the area due to people finding different routes. Pray that if Dr. Needles is not the one for it to be evident. I have other doctors that I will interview if he does not work out. One of them being my dad's oncologist. He has multiple myeloma (bone cancer).

Hair is still detaching from my head. I think it is less than last week so that is great!

Thankful for the rain today. Hopefully I won't be running around like a mad woman at least for this Thursday. Both boys have baseball practice at two different locations and times. I do have two more appointments after Dr. Needles. One for me and one for Cole.

Tomorrow officially starts spring break for the older boys. They made their spring break wish list of things they want to do in the area. We will be go-carting due to the fact that was #1 on both of their lists. We are also going to see a DEA friend of ours at his work downtown. The boys are estatic about this one. He is a drug detective! Way cool! Bass Pro Shop was one as well. Am I a mother of boys or what? Lovin' it! The list goes on. I will be keeping the list in their keepsake boxes. I loved seeing their desires along with how they spelled them. So precious.


Anonymous said...


Your mention of the boys "to do" lists and their spellings of those items reminded me of a precious Christmas list Erin made the Christmas she was six. She asked for the following things: a pink dress, a live cat, and fruit! That was the entire list. (Larry said no way was he going to endure weekly allergy shots for the sake of a cat, and fruit is a given at our house, but you can bet she got the dress!)

Praying for you now, at 12:20 pm, as you anticipate meeting with Dr. Needles in a few minutes.

:) Erika

aunt dee dee said...

when are you guys going on your go-cart excursion? i might join you, if i don't have to work.