Monday, March 26, 2007

Fun on the Run!

Cole racin' red!

Carter ready to burn rubber!

Aunt Jeannie (Dee Dee) havin' fun! Bumped someone twice.
Where did she learn to drive? On a country road?

This morning was a fun filled day at NASCAR Speedpark. I had called three weeks ago asking for spring break hours of operation for the go carts. It was told to me that they would be open the last two weeks of March. Upon arriving at 10 that was not the case. After speaking to a manager about my phone conversation they willingly opened up the outside track for us. Thankfully! The boys, Aunt Dee Dee along with Jacob, Carters friend went around the track. We came inside to do some arcade games. An employee asked if we wanted to ride again free of charge. I thought I didn't hear him correctly. But it was true! Free of charge! Wow! That is a deal! Jeannie asked me if I told them about my cancer. I did not I just was being very talkative (go figure) to the employees in the beginning. So low and behold everyone rode another round. They were thrilled! I was thrilled to have such a great deal!

We had lunch at Chevy's and everyone was happy especially with filled tummies. I was able to shop a little for some more headbands. I have been searching for a solid black headband that is a summer texture - not too hot. Found it at a teenie bopper store. I don't go in stores like that due to 3 boys and not one girl to shop for. (I am not known to be a trend setter of any stretch of the imagination.)

It is nice to have some "normal" time with the boys. I actually have not thought a great deal about cancer which is a blessing.
On to the rock park to explore and throw rocks in the creek, see the drug detectives office and play other places this week.

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Anonymous said...

What a blast!
Looks and sounds like you guys had a great time! I am a firm believer in being assertive---and friendly---like you were today. It made all the difference! Otherwise you all would have left VERY disappointed. Way to go, Kate!!
I was able to enlarge Carter and DeeDee's picture, but I couldn't get Cole's to enlarge (I wanted to see his cute little face!). Maybe it's just my computer error...
Anyway, I'm so glad you had such fun and have more to look forward to!
Love ya, Tiffani