Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Further Explanation of MRI

Today was a big visit at Siteman Cancer Center. Dr. Linette further explained the MRI thinking there is no reason for concern. He is wanting me to have another MRI in a month to be on top of the growth if it is to return this quick. He said it has been known to return this fast in about 5% of patients. Dr. Linette is fine with me not taking the Temodar till necessary. I will have my next MRI on Wednesday, April 11 at 8 am followed by bloodwork then see him afterwards with the results. He will read it himself prior to the official reading from a Barnes radiologist. Dr. Linette said he is very good at reading the scans and is 80% accurate with what the radiologist would write. After the April MRI Dr. Linette wants a scan in June then every 3 months indefinitely. I was a little shocked to hear that it will be for the rest of my life. Relieved though that he really wants to stay on top of the cancer growth. We are looking at meeting our deductible with no problem every year.

Dr. Linette understood why we might be looking into an oncologist closer to home and Dave's work. He said that Dr. Needles is a fine doctor and that we have his blessing if we decide to switch over. Pray for wisdom. As for now I will see Dr. Needles next Thursday and discuss it further with Dave. Siteman has me trained so well with all their procedures.

Dr. Simpson was his same old self. He wasn't concerned with the eye ache and didn't think it was related to the RT. He said people get headaches all the time it is normal. I did ask him if a person is to go blind from RT what does that entail. He said he is not concerned with that as well since my eyebrows are still intact. The gamma rays that hit close to the eye area were minimal. I am thankful for that answer. I am still concerned why I am having infrequent head/eye aches. He also asked about the chemo wondering if I will be taking it. He was all in favor of me waiting till the growth returns and mentioned a certain study coming out about if there are any benefits to cancer patients who take the chemo right after RT with no growth visible. I was intrigued. Will see Dr. Simpson again in September for my next follow up.

I almost forgot . . . Guess who I saw today in the waiting area down at radiation? Joe! That's right Joe. I was thrilled to see him. I hadn't spoken to him since he completed RT. He looks great! He said he feels pretty good except for being nauseated in the morning. I told him his burns are healing very well. He did say he is eating well. Joe took some time to speak with Dave. He hasn't yet been home. He is living with his neice. The funeral for his wife has yet to be scheduled. He did cry in front of Dave talking about her and meeting me during his rough time at Siteman. It was so good for my heart to see him today. God did that for me. It was not a concidence.

As for Carter last night the conversation went well talking about Mrs. Cornwell. His only concern was how she died. Was she in pain or did she just fall asleep? I did tell him she was in pain from what I knew but now she is not. She is in the arms of Jesus. He was Ok with it all. His prayer for Mr. Cornwell and Natalie was truly precious. I wish it was recorded.


Anonymous said...

Dave and Kate,

When my husband was diagnosed with cancer 5+ years ago, he went to Dr. Burton Needles (and still does go). He is a wonderful, compassionate man and we highly recommend him. We are praying for you all as you make these decisions.

Meredith Heintz

Anonymous said...


Have you heard the song "Held" by Natalie Grant? I heard it for the first time last night, and kept thinking of the Cornwell family. They are in my prayers, as are you, of course!!

So glad to hear that the doctors have a good respect for each other and that the chemo plans can be as you desired!!