Sunday, March 04, 2007

Getting Ready for Cole's Party

Today is a great day of looking forward to Cole's kid birthday party tomorrow. His official 7th birthday is next Sunday the 11th. We will have a family party next Saturday to celebrate him! I really cannot believe he is already seven. Time really does fly.

Tonight is the basketball awards ceremony. Our last game was yesterday. Carter scored 26 points! (How's that grandpa Johnson?) Mr. Hot shot also dribbled behind his back to trick the kid who was guarding him so closely. I was laughing. He has never dribbled behind his back in a game before. It made for good video footage. Cole is such a great defensive player. You cannot get past him too easily when you are trying to throw the ball in. He is so happy on the court. Cole feet are always moving. He almost is doing a jumpy dance of sorts. He is a delight to watch. Thank you to Corri and Uncle Tom for coming and cheering them on.

I will be busy as usual on Monday with school field day stuff and his party. I try to not do any "school stuff" on the weekends. That is family time.

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