Thursday, March 29, 2007

A call from Joe

Last night after dinner and during our badminton rally with the older boys (with Stuart kicking the soccer ball around our feet) Joe called. He called to tell me of his wife, Gen's funeral arrangements. I unfortunately cannot attend due to other important obligations on that day. I told Joe that I was sorry but wanted him to know that I would have attended in support of him on that day. I did tell him once more that I know God brought him into my life during radiation to encourage me. I looked forward to my conversations with him. After asking how he is fairing he said his right eye is slowly healing. Pray for his vision and encouragement in that area. Remember it is his right eye that was his good eye. He doesn't want to be legally blind. Who would? He had surgery on that eye during radiation treatments. One tooth that was radiated is giving him problems. He is coming into Barnes on Friday to have it looked at. It was so good for me to speak with him. I did tell him when he comes to St. Louis again to call ahead and I would love to serve him a late lunch or early dinner on his way back home. My mom mentioned this morning that when the boys are on summer break that we could take a day trip to visit him. I loved that idea as well. I will talk to him about that. He sounded very chipper on the phone.


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