Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Can you come out and play?

The St. Louis zoo was our adventure for today. Their slogan is "Can you come out and play?" The Snodgrass clan minus daddy-o surely did. The elephants were out along with the cheetahs, all bears, penguins, hippos, hyenas and tiger. We stayed way past Stuart's naptime. On the drive home he was on my turned off cell phone talking to Aunt Dee Dee, Poppy, Caleb, Alex, Mema, Pop Pop and Grandma. It was a riot. We all were laughing. This is what he said during the multiple per person phone calls. "Hi this is Stoo- ert. I go in the water. I get wet. Goodbye." He did walk in the water area that is right outside the childrens zoo main entrance on our way to the van. Mommy is so thankful for crocs (shoes). Close to home he was falling asleep. The older boys worked hard on keeping him awake till we reached home. They were successful. Stuart does not transfer well from car to bed. He has hit that stage in his napping.
Poor Cole. His allergies are really affecting his eyes. He is allergic to every tree and grass. Not too mention other items like dogs, cats and horses. Spring time is so horrible for him. He really does not look like himself during the allergy season. I love the budding of trees and spring flowers except for how it affects dear Cole. I love spring break! Spending time with my boys is a privilege and a joy to my heart. The older boys are currently making forts with almost all the blankets they can find. Here is a picture of both. Carter calls his the cathedral of the house. You will find Cole's head popping out under his secret door. Disregard the messy playroom. It's a basement.


gram said...

It's been a long time since I've been to the zoo. The pictures makes even a Gram want to go.

aunt dee dee said...

gram needs to try go-karting too.

dee dee, again said...

i saved the picture of carter and his fortress as my background. very impressive.