Friday, March 30, 2007

Peach Fuzz

Blessed are those who have learned to acclaim you,
who walk in the light of your presence, O LORD.
They rejoice in your name all day long;
they exult in your righteousness.
Psalm 89: 15- 16

Last night I was noticing in my mirror that their was a dark area above my incision. I had Dave look at it. I was wondering if it was a internal bruise. Dave thought it looked like my scalp in the back where there is hair. It was a little odd. Neither one of us were sure what it was.

Ta Da! This morning looking in the mirror with my wet hair pulled back - low and behold are some more darkened areas. Peach fuzz! That's right I have hair beginning to grow back in spotty areas. I ran downstairs to show Dave. I am so happy to at least see the start of hair growth. It does look funny where it is starting to grow due to being random and splotchy. Dave mentioned that it is 3 -6 months ahead of schedule. At one time they mentioned that I could possibly see some type of growth in late June then switched to September a couple weeks ago. I am thankful. I truly believe that some of the growth is attributed to my healthy diet and also the multiple natural compounds that I am taking. Of course God is the true reason overall.

Take time to praise Him for this great news! I sure am.

PS. I did the scripture in brown due to my brown hair!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kate
I have e-mailed a few times and I'm sorry but I hope I'm not being too nosey. But I was wondering if you ever posted the natural compounds you were taking. I have been closely following your blog and was just wondering if I missed it or not. I tried to e-mail your friend but could not due to my e-mail not set up in conjunction with something. I'm not sure how that works. If you don't want to post it, could you e-mail me what you are taking? Thanks so much! And praise God for your hair regrowth!! It's great to see you having a great spring break with your boys. I feel the same way you do about your boys with my girls (if that made sense). Kids are the GREATEST!!!

Stacey Preusser (

Anonymous said...


I KNOW THIS IS A HUGE THING FOR YOU AND GLAD TO HEAR HOW HAPPY YOUR PEACH FUZZ MAKES YOU!PRAYING GOD CONTINUES TO MAKE YOUR HAIR GROW---------AND FAST! Ya know those scarves and headbands are so popular. I went to a party recently and so many women had them on. I think I want one! You look so cute with yours.
April Curtis

aunt dee dee said...

we should bake a peach cobbler--minus refined sugars--to celebrate. i'm glad to hear that your hair cells are still alive.

Anonymous said...

Yea, Kate!
I'm so glad to hear your happy news! Just wondering...if it's the compounds/diet that are causing the early regrowth, are you noticing a change on your legs, too? Are you getting a "5 oclock shadow" on them due to rapid regrowth? I'm sortof joking, but I am curious if other areas are affected.
No matter---the important thing is you are encouraged about your head, and THAT is cause to thank I am!
Love ya! Tiffani Gibbs