Friday, March 16, 2007

Home and Well

The procedure went smoothly. I was home by 2:15 and just woke from my nap. My snack tasted oh so good. In the waiting area my heart was touched by the thoughts of November 7. The front desk lady said she had remembered Dave and the large group of people. After asking him he told me the area where everyone was gathered to pray and wait. I was crying out of sweet rememberance of God's mercy and love for me on that day. It is amazing that I had surgery on my brain not long ago. Almost too amazing!


Julieanne said...

Hi Kate & Dave! Its Julie from St. Johns Mercy! I finally found you guys on this, and now I am going to check it each and every day to see how you guys are doing! I am glad everything went great!!! I'll keep you in my prayers!


Ramona Lisa said...

So glad you are home and recovering in comfort. I know very well that there is usually nothing "small" about a small procedure.

We're two minutes away if you need anything--clementines, Culver's, a BC neckwrap or a copy of 24, perhaps. Of course, Stu is always welcome for a last-minute Mommy's morning out.

Cawl me, we'll tawk. :)

Gram said...

Gram checking in a little to ask the Bloggers to pray for Kirk Hicks in Washington Mo who has a brain tumor and has been sent home from the hospital with Hospice. He is 50 years old and I went with his married daughter Tanya several years ago to drive a 15 passenger van of Teens to Young Life Camp in Ashville N.C. Mr. Hicks has a wife and 13 year old daughter. He was diagnosed about a month ago. A man who loves the Lord and is well loved by many in the Christian community in Franklin County. Everyone who knows him really admires him. His daughter Tanya has worked very hard with the teens of Washington High School for Young Life. Lord please hold this family close tonight.
Gram checking in