Sunday, December 16, 2007

Family Visit

Last night, Kate and I had a relatively good night's rest while it dumped snow outside. We weren't sure if the boys would be able to come up for a visit because of the weather but it sounds like Pop Pop (my dad) and the boys were out shoveling snow and scraping car windows this morning. That, along with the snow plows and salt trucks, allowed Gram and Aunt Dee Dee to successfully bring up the boys for a nice visit. Kate was wearing some of her nice new PJ's from a friend and a headband, she looked great for her situation.

The boy's visit was followed up by another PT/OT session which Kate enjoys to be able to walk around (assisted) and stretch her arm, hand, and leg out. Tomorrow she is still scheduled to transfer to the rehab center. Please pray that they will have her oral steroid medicine (decadron) available there.

Kate has been having some considerable pain behind her right eye. This is normal from having surgery behind that eye but it is very uncomfortable nonetheless. Please pray that this pain would subside. She is still doing the Tylenol routine though she had something stronger last night at bedtime to help her sleep.

Kate has spent most of the afternoon resting/sleeping. That's good because she will need plenty of energy for her upcoming rehab sessions.

The day of the surgery, Kate said that while she was in the shower she took time to thank the Lord for a heart to love, hands to hold, and feet to walk. Today, she said she is still thankful for all of these, though they are a little weaker. Kate is also thankful that they removed her IV today so that she can move her left arm and hand without pain, and take her meds orally. Finally, she is very thankful for the nursing staff here at St. John's, they are wonderful.

Thank you for your continual prayers and support on our behalf.



Anonymous said...

Kate and Dave,
Our family will continue to lift you up in prayer as you go through rehabilitation.
We got about 5 inches of snow here in Columbia, Missouri. Today Mitch is making pizzelles( an Italian thin wafer like cookie)I wish you were here to help sample them. They are good! Tonight we will go to a church nearby that has a live interactive Christmas story. The shepherd takes a group of people and tells the Christmas story from his prospective. It is a tradition for our family to go.
Thanks Dave for updating us through the blog.
We love you all
The Magoffin's

Anonymous said...

So Thankful that Kate is able to get up and move around, and so glad she got to see the boys I know this is a long hard road and a struggle but the Lord gives us the strength we need no matter what it is he provides and in that we take our comfort. Sorry your weather is so bad there lately, I am in Phoenix AZ so we never have bad weather days except in the summer but even then no humidty. You are in my prayer for you and Kate that strength be given and your days be blessed

Anonymous said...

We need to let you know that Chelsea, Melina and Celeste Smith are praying for all of you every moment.

Anonymous said...

Our dear friends of 40 yrs. Susie & John H. have kindly told us about you and your prayerful and heroic battle with cancer. We are writing to let you know that you and yours are most definately now in our thoughts and more especially, our prayers.

We are a couple who can really identify with your challanges due to the fact that we to are battling cancder. Pat, my wife, is fighting stage 4 Inflamnatory breast cancer. She was diaganosed two and a half yrs ago and has now had close to 35 chemo-therapy treatments and some 50 of radiations of various kinds. In addition, she has finished, this fall, an extensive drug trial at Barnes in St. Louis.

Without question, as you know, these are vary trying and at times most difficult times. Through it all however, the one thing that has never changed and never will, is our trust and belief in the will of God. We do not spend time asking "why" but rather in assuring our Savior that "not our will, but your will be done". No matter what,when all is said and done,this is what really keeps us going through the times both good and not so good.

It is so beautiful and reassuring to read your blogg and see this same type of committment to the will of God. Over these two years, litterly hundreds of family, friends and all kinds of other people have offered prayers for Pat. Who knows, perhaps He is using us to bring people back to Him?

I am a Roman Catholic Ordained Deacon (just ordained May 5th)and one of the things I do , at our level 5 maximum security prison here near Jefferson City. I have been doing this for three years now and as a result,know so many of the men so very well. I visit men in both the general population and then at night, vist those in the prison Hospice.

I have shared Pat's story with them, and I have to tell you,it is humbling each week to go into the different cell blocks and have so many of these fellows always' asking "how is your wife. Please tell her she is in my prayers". You know, I talk have to several of my friends there and it is inspsiring to hear them, in spite of their horrible circumstances, praise God and yes, put their trust in Him.

We just got back from 4 weeks at the Cancer Center at Barnes Hospital in St. Louis where Pat went through 3-5 hr daily Hyperthemia treatments followed by radiation and then her regular chemo-therapy on Saturdays. She is responding and we are taking it "one day at a time, ".

At the Hope Lodge there on Lindell which is the Cancer Society "home away from home" we met so many wonderful new friends (couples), all who were just like us, dealing with cancer. Oh, what an inspiration it was not only for Pat but for me also. You know, we were all dealing with different cancers, but the one common "ingredient" was our intense belief in God.The only folks we really felt sorry for, and prayed for the hardest, were the ones who just had no faith. With faith comes hope and with hope comes love and understanding.We did alot of talking with some of these special people; well,who knows?

Well, please know that Pat & Pete "truly are" with you in our thougts and prayers. No question about it, the Lord Jesus Christ loves each one of us and HE WILL IN FACT, WATCH OVER US AND HELP US TO FULLFILL THE PLAN HE HAS FOR US.



Anonymous said...

Hi Snodgrass Family,

Still praying.

The Byars

Anonymous said...

We are continuing to pray

emily & grant said...

so glad you've had a wonderful day full of hard work and lots of love from your fam!!!

Lots of love, e,g,m,m,se & andy, kristie,tonya,joe & the friesens

emily & grant said...

so glad you've had a wonderful day full of hard work and lots of love from your fam!!!

Lots of love, e,g,m,m,se & andy, kristie,tonya,joe & the friesens

emily & grant said...

so glad you've had a wonderful day full of hard work and lots of love from your fam!!!

Lots of love, e,g,m,m,se & andy, kristie,tonya,joe & the friesens

Anonymous said...

(Rohan family)--Kate has a very good friend in Houston, TX (Angie) with inflammatory breast cancer fighting for her life...Getting your story on this blog just opened you guys up to prayer from us, the mob who loves Kate and Angie...
Kate...GIRL! you look GOOD in your PJ's...and STYLIN' in your headband (I'm sure). Showers help you not feel grodie, too, huh? Thought of you so many times today it made my smile over & over. You're in all of our thoughts. Howzit hangin', friend? So glad that they are giving you more potent meds to help w/ your pain and sleep b/c re-drilling a second manhole in your skull and saying, "Oh, and would you like some Tylenol with that?" makes me get a little bristle-y and "hackles-up" fer ya! Oooh, ooh, ooh! (That was blog-language for a hug). Over and out! Laura Joback

Anonymous said...

The Lord is my light and salvation; whom shall I fear?
The Lord is the stronghold of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

Thank you so much for your amazing faith in the Lord, who is our light and salvation. We are praying for you many times every day.

Anonymous said...

Pop Pop here. We all had a great time this morning. Of course Carter had to go out before breakfast and snowboard on the neighbors hill! Both of the boys helped cleanng off Gram's car and my rental car - they do so with a willing heart; normally you don't even have to ask them for help and when you do they get right to it. Iron Chef Gram made us breakfast burritos, which were very delicious! Aunt Dee Dee and Gram are just fantastic and a very big blessing to the entire Snodgrass family - the boys love them very much and for good reason!

I left for the airport and called back to the house right away to give them the all clear. From Dave's entry it's obvious that a quality visit was had by all.

I'm back in Indiana and happy to be with Grammy C this evening instead of being stuck in the Chicago Airport.

Thank you again for all your prayers for Kate, Dave, Carter, Cole, Stuart, Gram and Aunt Dee Dee.

In today's devotional God revealed a very appropriate verse. Isaiah 35: 3-4 "Strengthen the feeble hands, steady the knees that give way; say to those with fearful hearts, 'be strong, do not fear; your God will come . . .'"

Pop Pop

Pam said...

'A heart to love, a hand to hold, legs to walk...' sounds like the sweet personality of the Kate we all love, don't you think? :o)

Pam and Jeff Mueller

Ramona Lisa said...

Great to see you tonight, Kate (and Gram). You're such an inspiration!

On the way home, we reminisced about pool dates & cookouts, Lake of the Ozarks fun, parades, fireworks, Culvers trips and zoo outings. We look forward to doing all of that (and MORE) again in the new year.

You know we love you all!

Anonymous said...

On Sunday night I am praying for a good and attentive week of school for the boys, if they are still in school before the Christmas break, and for a sweet week with Stuart with Gram and Dee Dee. I am also praying for Kate as she begins her rehab program. We trust God that her medications are available and exactly what is needed for her treatment. Prayers are also being said for Dave as he walks this walk with kate and for his family as they love and pray from Indiana. I pray, also, for Gram and Aunt Dee Dee for what is needed from moment to moment, hour to hour, and day to day in their service of love.

aunt dee dee said...

Report from the homefront...
To recap the week, we survived a major brain operation and a snow storm. All things considered, I think we're doing all right.

Grams and I did our best to spruce the boys up this morning for their visit with mom. The boys combed their hair, put on clean clothes and then put on all their sledding gear to see Kate. They also bathed, which was a major accomplisment. Earlier in the week, we were going to the give the kids their baths, but noticed that the hot water was hardly lukewarm. Needlesstosay the boys were not heartbroken to push their bathtime to another night. As it turns out, that night happened to be this morning. What's worse is that Dave fixed the hot water that night, when he came home to pick up some stuff. Apparently Stuart had turned a switch on the hot water heater sometime earlier in the day. So we have no excuse for the sanitary neglect. But before you go call an eight-hundred number on Gram and Dee Dee, just remember that Pop Pop from Indiana was here too. Although to his defense, he can wash some mean laundry and shovel heaps of snow and play endless games of hide-n-seek with Stuart. So I guess we'll let it slide... thanks again for all your help, Pop Pop.

p.s. whoever made the beef stroganoff the other night, we'd like the recipe.

Anonymous said...

Kate and Dave,
Well, being female an' all, I have to say that there are times when I just need a good cry--go for a long while w/no tears, then I gotta purge...the tears, that is. I'm here to tell ya that all it takes is to read your blog and inevitably the tears begin to flow! Tears of angst and sadness, tears of joy and worship. You've got it all here, between your posts and the comments people are writing.

Though I'm not really able to help you in tangible ways right now, I can tell you that my HEART is with you and your family. Actually, it's frustrating to not be able to DO anything for you all, but I remind myself that praying for you is something.

Please know that I am lifting you up many times daily before God, praying that you will FEEL the love of the "God of all Comfort" who is carrying you and will not let you fall.

Love to you,
Tiffani G

Anonymous said...

Praying for Kate in Wisconsin. Thank you for the update. I am so glad she was accepted to the rehabilitation clinic. That was an answer to prayer.

Heather said...

I am amazed at how wonderfully everyone is working together to get Kate and her family through this trying time. Don't sweat the bath. Love and comfort is what they need most right now and it sounds as though you guys have that under control. Thankfully they made it to see Mom despite the weather.

Anonymous said...

Kate and Dave:
I'm so thankful that Kate has been accepted to the Rehab hospital. That's wonderful news. Prayers are lifting and He's hearing and answering!
And in my DJ voice - For additional inspiration, Kate and Dave, this one goes out to you both there at St. John's tonight as only Bono and his U2 mates can so eloquently put it "And if the night runs over
And if the day won't last
And if your way should falter
Along this stony pass

It's just a moment
This time will pass"
Good night and pleasant dreams. Get some good rest. :)
Stacy J

Anonymous said...

Kate and Dave,
I am continuing to specifically pray for you! I am a fellow Tue. Morning Bible study gal; and what a blessing Kate is to the women!

I was giving big praises to the Lord about your strength starting to return and acceptance to the rehab. I wil be sending up specific prayers re: your rehab. (I am an O.T.)

You go girl; God has mighty plans for you... those therapists have a great blessing coming their way!

God Bless You,
Jennifer Bartholomew

Laurie said...

Continued prayers from Ca. for Kate, that hope and comfort fill her up to overflowing, and not being hard on herself. Praying for strength for you and your children at home, and for Kate to have her left side restored. I know that God is watching over her and will bring her through this. And new PJ's really are "dress up" in the place where she is. I pray she will be encouraged each and every day.

Love, Laurie in Ca.

mybabyadvice said...

I am new to your story and just want to let you know that your family is in our thoughts and prayers

Anonymous said...

I am thanking God this morning as it nears Christmas for our greatest gift, the birth of the Baby Jesus, our Savior. I am praying for you, Kate, and you, Dave, and your boys. As we focus on the blessed season now I am thanking God for your gifts of perserverance, contriteness, and commitment to God, our Father, in the midst of trials; all the gifts God has given you to see you through this difficult fight. You are assured that God will give you many more "gifts," whatever He knows your needs to be. You are precious gifts to everyone who knows you and who reads these blogs you write. We see Christ in both of you and in your family as we read of your struggles and joys. These are "gifts to us," as you both are examples of how God makes it possible to trust Him completely, no matter the circumstances.

We continue to ask God to cover you with His presence and love.

Paulette said...

I have been coming by to pray for Kate everyday, I pray she is soon able to be restored to preop health and can be back at home with her boys. May the Lord bless all of you as you walk through this journey.
Blessings to all of you